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  1. So this Challenge was inspired by my art professor, and also by Koori's Image Challenge. It's going to take a lot more time and effort than the typical challenge but I thought why not?

    Take a photo of yourself where you are not smiling. Your photos will not be counted towards this challenge if you are smiling, or if there is someone else besides you in the picture. If the Challenge if completed, you'll be given some Reputation.

    This is your chance to show everyone who you think you are, what you symbolize, and what you value the most. From my art class there were people who added in elements of their career, like their ice skates or their cars. Lots of people played with Photoshop and warped their photos with different tints and the like. Some people were really comedic and some were philosophical. There was another photo that I remember being really creepy, the guy took the photo at night and went to a busy intersection. He stood by the side of the road, next to this field and all he did was stare at the camera and screamed... I loved it. XD

    This is meant to be a fun exercise, and no I will not tolerate nudity of any kind. Clothes on, no matter what.

    I'll be posting a photo of myself shortly so don't think you guys aren't the only ones going out on a limb.​
  2. Question for you Zen, on the photo, for those of us who don't do digital stuff can we print off our photo and do things with it like that? Should it be a head shot or a body shot or what? I've got an image in my head of what I want to do, but I just want to make sure it's doable. I could probably do mine with a little digital help but have traditionally drawn elements to add in via editing program?
  3. It can be a head or body shot. I'm not sure what you mean by printing it out though. Could you explain it in more detail please?

    You can do traditionally drawn elements in an editing program if you want. So long as it abides by the rules stated before and is a representation of what you see yourself as.
  4. Printing it out to add hand drawn elements or 'collage' bits and bobs to it. I am tablet-less which makes digital drawing more or less impossible.

    I think I get it though, no worries! :3
  5. Oh no, go right ahead and do that if you want Tribs. I'm not gonna stop you.
  6. Ok now I really want to fight out programs on my compy and get photoshop. I better get on it. I wonder if I can pull it off and its also a great way to use a pic of me since I hate pics of me in general. *hmmm... * I might try this one.
  7. Ok now I really want to figure out programs on my compy and get photoshop. I better get on it. I wonder if I can pull it off and its also a great way to use a pic of me since I hate pics of me in general. *hmmm... * I might try this one.
  8. Just a few suggestions for those of you who are stuck:

    - You don't have to make your face or body the center of attention on the photo. Perhaps you can have yourself farther off into the landscape or have yourself be blended in a crowd of people.

    - You can also do the opposite and focus on a certain feature, like a close up of your eyes. I thought about doing that for my project.

    - Play around with the lighting. Have too little, or too much. Perhaps the only light source is a flashlight or a candle?

    - Who says we need to see your face? Turn your back to us if you feel like that represents you!
  9. I'm not really sure if I'm happy with this (open)

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  10. Show Spoiler
    challenge 0011.jpg
    i hope this is what you wanted XD
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  11. Finally got my contribution up for this challenge. Still not happy with it, and I blame it on my lack of Photoshop skills. There was definitely more that I wanted to do with this photo.

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  12. i've used this as my DA ID for almost 3 years now. Best creep factor I've ever done with a pic of me.


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  13. [​IMG]

    No room for kickin Flames!
  14. well hope this works...not the greatest but i think it's a decent representation : D

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  15. After a lot of hard work with cutting I were able to do something xD


    What? Eating a rat is totally normal :D
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  16. edited.jpg

    I has no idea how to do it like you guys ><
    But but, I tried in photobucket ><
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