Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #3

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I randomly put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.






  2. 3. Poem based off the images: I was mostly inspired by the bonfire under the harvest moon. The music notes image was helpful as well. The other image that I sort of thought of writing this was the first aid kit.

    -Note: I had a hard time coming up with the title, so I'm definitely open to ideas concerning changes to the title.


    Watched'em burn,
    Cinders under the Harvest Moon,
    Sun's fever bleedin' her

    There turned,
    Joinin' this crisp dusk's air,
    Notes of melodies unsung,
    By wind lugged land along,
    Marred her verdant white

    Watched'em burn,
    Voices under the Hunter's Moon,
    Wolves' carnal manners here

    No songs,
    Joinin' the twilight trap,
    By steam and steel constructed,
    Beaten by blazin' noose,

  3. Song/Poem

    Surviving in this world of sadness
    Searching for a light in the madness
    A sad spirit looking for a way to live
    To find hope at the end of this misery

    And every morning when the sun decides come
    There is a struggle in the middle of this storm
    But who are we to give up?
    When we know that together we are strong

    Time passes without news
    We grow weary, our bodies tired, and nothing is new
    But somewhere withing our hearts faith still exist
    Even injuries can't take away that little piece

    The memories has kept us sane
    And our bonds are firm like chains
    The time has come for us to take our leave
    Help has finally come in a time of need
  4. A mixture of number 1 and 2:

    "Excuse me......?"
    "Um.... I need.... I need a copy....."
    "Oh dear......."
    "What is it?"
    "Can I have a copy of the last project? I wasn't here yesterday..... so I thought....."
    ".... you have it?"

    Aria, ever so shy, was finding it difficult to talk properly in front of Paul, who resembled an abandoned castle, strong yet empty. They were in the gym, Paul still in his rugby kit and Aria carrying her books while fixing her ever uneven glasses.
    "P-paul?" Aria stuttered.
    "Project......" Paul muttered.
    "Y-yes.... the one from English.....?"
    "...... this is kind of awkward......"
    "Fine" Paul sighed, Aria fixed her glasses once more in disbelief.
    "Why not.......?"
    "Um.... I'll just let you change them......?"
    "Yeah" Paul finished with a unexcited tone, his solid frown unflinching, Aria turned around in relief.
    "That's a relief! I thought I'll never get a response from you Paul!" she chuckled, Paul wasn't amused.
    "A response from me.....?"
    "Well..... the principal said...... your parents passed away...... in a airplane crash in-"
    "Stop" Paul intervened, his voice was out of tone, Aria understood his feelings and stopped.
    "Alright..... I'll stop......" without a word Aria exited the gym's lobby.

    Paul emerged from the exit with his sports bag, Aria stood up from the chair she was sitting on and hurried to him.
    "Great. Lets head to your locker Paul"

    The two proceeded with a slow pace towards Paul's locker, the walk was quiet as Paul was his usual self, quiet and unflinching.
    "You got a lot of bandages in your face Paul- is rugby really that rough?" Aria started to converse with her stalwart companion.
    "I bet the coach was worried you we're all beaten up-"
    "Why would anyone worry about me....?"
    "I'm just another student....."
    "I'm......." Aria broke in.
    "What.....?" Paul asked, his voice always gruff and demanding yet silent at the same time.
    "I'm sorry for reminding you of your parents Paul"
    "Stop it"
    "Don't pity me"
    "Why?" Aria exclaimed "You've been through a lot! You need someone to comfort you-"
    "And it's certainly not you" Paul muttered coldly, he began walking once more- Aria bit her lip and kept up.
    "I'll just..... keep quiet....."
    "Sorry Paul......"
    "Just shut up....." Paul sighed, he was really pissed off but he didn't lose his cool- forever calm and collective- perfect for a captain of a rugby team.

    The lockers were just a couple of steps away, Aria kept her mouth shut all the time, refusing to tick off Paul anymore.
    "Here...." Paul handed her his black notebook.
    "Thank you....." Aria opened his notes and found a surprise, as rough or big as Paul was- his handwriting and analyzing skills we're on par with his classes best.
    "I hope it's easy to understand Aria......"
    "Paul! This is great!" Aria gasped in shock "you're a genius! Look at these answers! They really provide in depth information!"
    "I'll give it back tomorrow, I promise!"
    Paul looked confused yet in control, he hid his feelings behind his stoic face and spoke in an awkward tone.
    "I'm sorry...."
    "Why? Sorry? What for Paul?"
    "For shouting, it was my fault- I lost my cool"
    "You? Lose your cool? That doesn't sound like you Paul"
    "Look..... I just don't like it when people bring it up....."
    Aria smiled weakly "I understand Paul, I lost my father too...."
    Paul's eyes widened.
    "My father died in battle..... he fought bravely to evacuate his men..... but he didn't make it out of the burning house....."
    "I'm sorry...... must have been tough for you....."
    "Because I know my father is watching over me- even if he is dead"
    "......" Paul kept quiet.
    "You know Paul? I bet you're parents are watching over you too- you might not believe it but I bet they're pretty disappointed at you for being so glum all the time- you need to cheer up Paul!"
    "Cheer up.......?"
    "Yup! You need to smile more often too- you look really scary when you're angry......"
    "Alright, I'll see you in class Paul!" Aria turned with a smile and headed for their classroom. For a second, Paul felt a light zephyr stroke his cheek, such feeling reminded him of his infant days, he smiled and looked up.
    "Disappointed eh?" he chuckled, he closed his locker and headed to his classroom.


    Music- Unused
    Group of People- Aria and Paul are in a school
    Fire- Aria's father died trying to evacuate soldiers from a burning house.
    First Aid Kit- Paul being patched up for his bruises from rugby.
    Airplane Crash- Paul's parents we're killed in a plane crash.
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