Image Challenge: A Jumble of Photos #11

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  1. Here is a collection of photos found across the internet that I put together. You can interpret them as whatever you want, whether it be literally or metaphorically. What you do as a writer is one of these three things:

    1. Create a character, taking inspiration from these photos.

    2. Come up with a setting, plot, or just a detailed post with references to these photos.

    3. Write a poem with these pictures in mind.

    Remember you don't have to use all of the photos in your final creation, but props to you if you manage to do so.

    Click on the spoiler tags to stir up your muse.






  2. Outside of sleep she lay awake
    Her restless mind wandering
    Her daydream carried her to a sacred place
    Where not a hand could hurt her.

    The vast sea both blue and bright
    Protecting her with all their might
    Pleasantries are far and wide
    Whenever, whatever she may decide.

    Wherever her imagination takes her
    She is sure to remember
    The fun she has on the whales backside
    Or the adventures of a ship ride.

    Pirates and the 7 seas
    Dolphins and their Merfolk
    Or the time she spent with her shark friends
    And the wizard with his invisible cloak.

    When the time comes to snap back
    Her reality seems quite dull
    But she will always remember inside her mind
    Holds the escape of a lifetime.
  3. Fear of the Sea
    I was always afraid to go on father's ship
    If I was near the edge the guardrail was in my grip
    There were beasts underwater that lurked in the sea
    I feared that one would come and try to harm me
    That they would come up and then force me down
    To eat me alive or to let me drown
    I feared that since I'm my father's one and only
    One of the few soft spots he had happened to be me
    The other is his ship which is his only other love
    He has no faith in any god down below or above
    That Mother Earth would hurt him for what he's done
    For then, over him, she would have won
    Murder the daughter, tatter the sails
    He started the battle, he killed the whales
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.