Ima Noob :P

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i just started here. a friend recommended the site so i thought i'd try it. it sounded interesting enough. so... wassup people? :devil:
Hello and welcome. I'm Pirogeth, or Piro for short. I do stuff around here like browse OOC's to see what I can join and monthly make a newsletter with my helpful minions. Hope you enjoy it here.

Writing in the Moonlight,

Welcome to Iwaku!!! Most of us are friendly and will be happy to help you out! :D Beware of the Cbox, there are practically no rules! Have a pleasant day!
Welcome! I'm glad you took me up on the offer, again! I hope you enjoy it here!
Did you know that in space, no one can tell if you are a noob or not.

You know, cause of all the Anal Probing from the Martians and stuff.
Totally throws off their focus and junk.



And that's pretty much it. Enjoy your stay!
Welcome to the site.
Hey & welcome to Iwaku. Lemme know if you have questions or need help :D

hiya =3 someone from my other rp site suggested this one to me, i like it so far ^.^