I'm up for absolutely positively (Almost) anything.

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  1. Hey you guys, It's Rusty here.
    I haven't RPed in AWHILE, not since Late January, and I'm afraid I've gotten a bit uh... well rusty for lack of a better word. I'm looking for someone who may reply with 3 to 5 (more or less) paragraphs, since I'm trying to improve on my writing. If you'd like to join me in this one on one you'd probably have to be pretty patient with me, and you wouldn't have to be very active at all, because I'm not very active at all (I'll try my hardest, but don't expect more than 2 or 3 posts a day).

    I'm really super flexible (Character wise). I play mostly male characters (And more comfortable doing so), but I'm also open to playing female characters. I don't care if I play a character that's transgender, gay, straight, or bi, I've played every one of those and I'll play anyone of any gender or sexual orientation. Please check out my Rpers resume for more info.

    I really like a messed up relationship, because I'm really good at fucking up character relationships.

    A few ideas:
    • (DC Comics) A secret Love/Hate Relationship between Jason Todd and Dick Grayson. (Red Hood/Nightwing)
    • College students with a plot twist? I don't know, that wasn't very original.
    • Armageddon/Zombie apocalypse love story?
    • Demon/Angel?
    • Uh, a transgender kid meets a non-transgender kid, non-transgender kid doesn't know and transgender kid tries to keep it a secret, non-trans kid finds out, all hell breaks loose..

    Yeah that's all I got. So PM me or leave a reply.
  2. i don't mind doing a RP with you if you are up for it :)
  3. Alrighty, then. What are you up for?
  4. mmmmmm anything really, apart from i don't know anything about the first your first idea or really your third :/,

    i don't have any ideas for a RP either, i'm not very good at that sort of thing unless i get an idea
  5. Alright. Just pick one from the list of ideas that you do know about xD
  6. i know about the rest of the ideas apart from them two, so you can pick what one you want to do, i don't mind
  7. Erm...College students?
  8. yeahh suree college students sounds good :) and guessing you want them to have a messed up relationship as your are good at that by what you have put XD
  9. Indeed. Two guys? A girl and a guy? Two girls? Your turn to pick.
  10. girl and guy, i am better at playing a girl than a guy XD
  11. Alright, you want to post the thread?
    I've never done a one on one before :/
  12. if you want me to post the thread then i will :)

    i'm still pretty new to this as well XD, what have you done before?
  13. Mostly Group RPs. It's weird because I've been RPing for years and I've never done an One on One RP.
    and yeah I actually would like that xD
  14. ohh okayy :) try new things :D

    yeahh i'll make it, first day of college should i start at?
  15. Yup. Sounds about right.