I'm tired.

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  1. Ever wanted to swallow a whole bottle of sleep aid pills and then never wake up?

    Well I do.

    edit: I feel like people have misunderstood what I meant with the statement above. You know what happens when you swallow an entire bottle of sleep aid pills? You can OD and die. This is me saying that I want to commit suicide. So I don't understand the comments below. At first I thought Gwazi was just trying to make me feel better with a joke but then everyone else continued to talk about troubles sleeping or what not. That's not what this is. ....
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  2. I know what that feels like.
    Sleep is such a nice experience. :3
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  3. Thanks for managing getting me to smile. Even if it was for just a second or two.
  4. Anytime. :)

    Also, having something like a stuffed animal of second pillow to hold onto tends to help with sleeping.
    It's all soft, warm and cuddly. That and I'm pretty sure there's something about hugging that releases positive/happy hormones in one's body.
  5. I sleep with New Age/Ambient/Meditation/Space music, and it's the best thing ever! I go to bed an hour early just so that I can lie there and dream away.
  6. I did when I was younger. I hear you loud and clear. You're not alone. Sleep, dream, and wake up to a new day. Everything is corporeal and decays, even that feeling of exhaustion. Trust me. If you need someone to talk to, I'll be around.
  7. I cant tell if all of you misunderstood what I meant or not.......
  8. I can't speak on behalf of the others, but I'm aware that you made a thinly veiled suicide innuendo. So, in all earnest, if you need to talk to someone, I'm here. Life drags us all down sometimes, and you sound like you could use a friend.
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  9. Or better yet, seek professional help.

    We're only insomnia-level therapists.
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  10. And as much as I have great empathy for your pain I will point out this PSA. Lots of people here suffer from depression (myself included). Dark thoughts are hard to live with but I don't know that anyone here is equipped to professionally handle your troubles. There is a link in that PSA which will direct you to people who can help. I hope you get the help you need.
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  11. This too. I agree with Asmodeus.
  12. Oh I didnt even know there was a PSA on it. :o

    It wasnt that I was looking for someone to help. I was kind of just making a statement that I thought people could relate to. When people started making jokes or beating around the bush I was just genuinely confused lol
  13. Again I wasn't looking for help but people who I could relate to or had similar experiences. I was genuinely confused if people understood what I was talking about or not, so I clarified. That's all. I know you guys arnt therapists xD
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  14. To be honest it wasn't until my 2nd post that I picked up on it.
    But by the time I did I figured it'd be better to try to be fun/crack a smile then go with the gloom and serious response.
    Plus, that whole stuffed animal/huggging advice was also meant to double up.
    Note how I mentioned the release of positive hormones? That can help act as a biological way to counteract something like suicide or depression, even if it's biological in nature.
    Enough to beat/crush it on it's own? No. But it at least aids your brain the process of feeling generally more positive, it's the same logic in how walking, running or any kind of exercise also helps with Depression.

    But if you do ever need anyone to talk to though my Inbox is always open. :)
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