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  1. Have an Idea yet it just doesn't seem to get off the ground?

    Maybe you were in the middle of a great story but then your partner disappeared leaving you feeling less then fulfilled?

    Maybe you tried a plot out but it made a wrong turn some where and want a do over?

    Well I'm here to tell you, [Enter radio announcer voice.] For the limit of two count them TWO people can pick me up carry me home and allow me to fill a role for you![/announcer voice ends]

    More seriously thought that's the jist of what I'm offering here. If you need a role filled and want someone like me ,(I don't do one liners and I tend to twist plots by throwing in a bit of my own spice at times.) I'm offering two people the chance to kidnap me for a little forum One on One. Now mind you I have no real proof on the forums of what I'm capable of.... unless
    this counts so I bare in mind that I might not catch much attention or I even think I seem intimidating to the point of being avoided. I am hoping some of you pick up interest in me and take up this offer.

    I will take part in ANY plot except the following - Yaoi - simple list of things I don't do huh?

    So come one come all two Lucky people can use me as they see fit.... what type of luck is up for debate.

    Awww so I have already got my first two One x One companions but that doesn't mean I'm locked up FOREVER. If you are still interested or have BECOME interested in me after reading some of my work, sign up here! I will start forming a list of people and will go down it when I have the spare time!

    Note: I'm not a One Liner type of guy. The depth of the story should be shared between both acting parties and not one person laying out the ground work for another to just giggle and agree. If you are wanting to take up a spot in my RP time frame, then you better be able to bring a game that is a relatively good match for what I offer!

    V The Line starts here V
    Ming - Here On hold
    Dawnslight - Here
    theLogophile - Here


    flyingninjas - Wants: Circus RP, Fantasy, Romance, Dotting Humor, Not Mature.
    Yasha147 -
    Romance, Action, Mature, Comedy, Modern setting with Fantasy elements.
    ((Placement Holder for a project of my choosing))

  2. O- O Reserved for story I have in mind!
  3. I can't help but read this in the Old Spice Guy's voice.

    I'm really interested in this, if you haven't already got two people that have your attention. I was doing a story with someone and absolutely LOVING it. And then he had some real life stuff happen with him and well.... I've been waiting over a month to pick it back up. If you're interested, here is the thread to read over: http://www.iwakuroleplay.com/showthread.php?t=12931

    I'll keep an eye here or feel free to PM if you think this is something you might enjoy!
  4. [​IMG]

    ^_^ who says I didn't do it in that voice?
  5. Lol what? Batman on a Muslim?
  6. If I weren't surrounded by family members quietly sleeping to the dulcet tones of football, I would be laughing my ass off! That is fantastic!! XD
  7. Hey all that have swung by and taken a brief look at this! Yeah I'm talking's to you. Pay's attention you's guy's!

    Right Now that your focus listen up! Currently Ming and Dawnslight have filled the two spots I was offering. You's might be thinkin "Hey what about me?!"Well here's what up. Ask me! That's right talk to me, reply to this thread, maybe I don't know send me a love letter in my PM's box with little unicorn stickers all over and a photo of the prize you won in a cracker jack box. I don't care just send me something that states your interest in me.

    Now once you've done that I will come back to this here post and slap your name on my little list at the top and when I's got the time I'll just fire a message at you. Be sure you have a story or a thought ready for me if I decide to shuffle my way into approaching you. And hey don't be surprised if I find time in this rat race life of mine to actually take it under my sheer will power to pick up more Role's for myself if I find some one interesting enough to push my limits for.

    So in closing follow these simple procedures and you might find yourself a new companion.

    A: Send me a Msg private or other wise.
    B: Get put on the list. The sooner you contact me the sooner you get a chance with me.
    3: Sit back and wait for this guy right here to show up at your door step. I may or may not have flowers or a shovel.

  8. HAHAHA I'M JUST POSTING HERE TO SAY YOU'RE BLOODY HILARIOUS. hahahaha I love you, bro. you're awesome. I don't have a story in mind, but hell, i'd love to do an RP with you, so slap mah name on that list and maybe i'll come up with something when you get around to messaging me or something. xD
  9. Meh see Meh!! List is updated and I'll be totting along fairly soon with those that wish to RP with me!

    I added a quick link next to each person's name that'll take you right to the RP I'm engaged with them in. THAT is so those that read this and think. "Blah what makes him qualified to RP with me?" My response would be. "I smell like cookies and Apricot Preserves! Also go read things that I have done before to figure out if you can mesh well with my style!"

    Read about me! Learn about me! Ask about me! Talk about me! Sing songs about me! Scream in fear about! Because I want YOU to have a reason to fall in love with ME!
  10. Definitely sound like an awesome partner! Sooooo glad I came by here! =3
  11. hm, are you good with historical-time jumping like rp romance?
  12. Romance is one of my top two Genre's, I'm a hopeless romantic for the better part of my life.... @_@

    Historical on the other hand just depends on what history I'm in. I don't have all world history per-programmed into my skull but I do tend to research things before I start talking about them. So you may be in luck :)
  13. I wanted to do like a highlander rp with a woman who's thrown back in time by her best friends machine. She was suppose to go back to see if Jesus was real (the current argument that they couldnt win) but the time was off and she was sent to the 1400s.
  14. Ohh you might wanna check with Diana before you settle on me. If memory serves me right she's been wanting to do a highlander type RP :)

    And if you do decide to settle on me you should say something since ppl keep telling me to put them on my list.... I honestly didn't think people would actually wait in line to RP with me....
  15. But your a good story teller. =3
  16. 1.) The Apprentice

    After years of following under his sensei's footsteps, the apprentice turns his back on the code no longer wanting to be connected with his sensei. The cutting of ties between the sensei and his best follower makes several enemies. The sensei is being hunted down by the apprentice and the apprentice is being hunted down by the sensei. Both of them want nothing more than for the other to die. The sensei has several resources available to him, like shoguns, samurai, ninja, his followers and trainees. On the other hand, the apprentice must find people to help him take down his sensei. In other words, he searches for followers as well.

    The Apprentice decides to cut ties from his sensei because sensei is trying to cause turmoil in the world wanting to watch the world crumble because there is no hope for it. Whilst the apprentice believes that there is hope in saving the world and then everyone in it deserves to live. This makes for the Apprentice to be somewhat of a hero and the sensei to be a villain of the sorts, but is the sensei really a villain, or is he just speeding up what's going to happen anyway?

    I plan on creating NPCs that may (or may not) help the apprentice in his quest to take down and hunt the sensei by interacting with them. He can get their help through bribes and by doing tasks. However, note that the apprentice does not have much money and will have to do tasks in order to something of the sort. I will keep track of this or you can. Whichever is better suited to your tastes.

    I'm going to tell you how it ends because if we decide to end the RP early we can do that.
    In the end, the sensei dies, having been bested by his Apprentice. His final words were either a curse or an encrypted message. The sensei leaves the apprentice something. Its an encrypted message about his enlightenment and what he has seen. Much like his memories. The apprentice will end up inside the sensei's memories and witnessing everything the way he did. It is here that the Apprentice will make a choice, will he continue to hope for the world, or turn his back on it?

    Something to remember when doing this RP: Everything you do has a consequence. Failing tasks have consequences. (even though I used he, it can be a girl as well. And you may play the sensei as well. This is just the plot outline)

    2.) The Witch's Doom

    This is a Rapunzel type of story, but this is the horror version where things aren't so nice and sweet. And it's possible... that there will be no happy ending. Rapunzel (or whatever name you want to give her) is trapped in her tower like usual, but one day the witch releases her only to torment her with desires and nightmares of what the outside holds. The potential lover (be it prince or rebel) is fighting a plague and a mysterious murderer known as the Stranger. The plague eats people from the inside out and is carried through birds, ravens and crows in particular. Lately ravens and crows have been attacking people and the ones that survive get the plague and their organs become food for a virus. The Stranger is the one who keeps the townspeople inside and kills people that haven't been struck with plague, though the reason is unknown.

    Rapunzel's tower is safe from the plague and the birds making it a safe place. However, she knows not of the plague that torments the city so near her home. The witch is not affected by the plague for unknown reasons and keeps Rapunzel locked in the tower because her hair has the power to restore youth thus granting immortality. Her hair also heals wounds and cures the plague.

    Important Plot Notes: The Stranger is the Witch

    The witch keeps the city folk trapped inside because she believes that they have sinned far too much and do not deserve to live. Another possible reason is that the city folk banished her from the city to never return and thus she taking revenge on them. The Rebel or Prince is fighting the plague avoiding birds and the stranger. People around them are constantly dying and making money is rather difficult thought if you're the prince money wouldn't be a problem. If you're a rebel, you're probably wanted by the royal crown and thus have to fight the plague, the stranger and avoid the guards.

    How it Ends:
    (See above for reason) There are two possible endings, the witch dies and the plague is stopped entirely and everyone in the town is free to start anew or leave. Rapunzel is no longer tormented and the rebel or prince becomes her lover etc etc. Ending two, the lover dies. In this way everything stated previously happens except the lover dies doing some heroic or unheroic act be it theft or defending Rapunzel or getting infected with the plague, etc (your choice)

    Even though I used he and you and her genders may be swapped and you are free to choose any role. Again this is the plot outline.

    3.) The Heroes and The "Villain"
    The Heroes are going around fighting crime as normal. There are four of them and there is one bad guy they can not seem to catch. This Villain keeps trying to recruit the team leader to fight by his side. Often failing or succeeding in getting the leader to second guess themselves. The Villain often torments the leader by asking him questions or pointing out their similarities. Making the Villain a distraction when the leader fights other bad guys with his team.

    The Villain is killing leaders of countries and people who seem to have too much power in general, but the media makes him look like the bad guy. His methods sometimes put innocent people in danger but that is a risk he is willing to take. The villain has minions and robot clones technology etc etc. While the superheroes have some type of power. The super heroes are trying to save the world from other bad guys that I will create, most of them working for the villain or for their own cause, be it world domination, or destroying everything in general.

    How it ends: The villain dies or escapes (almost dying and extremely weak) He reveals his plans about what he was trying to do and tells the truth about why he was killing those leaders. It all ends with the villain asking the super hero leader "Am I really a Villain or were we on the same side the whole time?" If the villain lives, then its up to the super hero at this point to decide whether he joins the villain as his apprentice or continues to hunt him down.

    Again you may choose your role, genders, etc.

    4.) The Seer
    A mysterious person is granted the ability to read thoughts marking the person as a Seer. The Seer doesn't know anything about what he is supposed to do or anything about themselves. There is only one person alive who can help the Seer and he was deemed to have been long since dead. Though there is a rumor that this person is alive and in hiding from The King who seeks to kill him. The Seer always seems to narrowly miss the only one who can help him, often running into clues left by the person he is chasing. Or even running into dead ends. The Seer can not see into the mind of the person he is chasing making it hard to find him.

    This person goes by the name of Brom (or any name you chose) and he is a Seer himself which is why the king wants to kill him. The king isn't such a great king, overcharging his people on taxes and keeping the poor in poverty. About halfway through the RP, Brom is finally caught by the Seer and he teaches him the new ways (with some fails of course) the two of them are on the chase from the king's guards and go into hiding.

    Brom faked his death meaning that the king had stopped looking for him until rumors of his return spread about the continent. The Seer wants Brom's help because he is the only that can help him. The Seer's job is to take down leaders that are unworthy of their position. I.e corrupted leaders and politicians.

    How this will end: There are a few possible endings. The king will die, but at the cost of Brom's life. Brom will be saying something along the lines of "You did well" or "You can only end it one way" something dramatic and sad.

    The king won't die and Brom will die asking the Seer to go into hiding to gather followers to battle the king. In this case the king's power will be greatly weakened and leaves room for a part two. Should you want a part two.

    Brom will live and the king will die, everyone lives happily ever after.

    Note: I can create a lover for either role.
    Again you have the freedom to choose role and gender.

    These are ideas I've concocted all even more thorough than I've posted here. I've got hundreds more ideas with many genres. Most of them including insane characters who might actually be more sane than I'm leading you to believe. Every genre accept "yaoi". I'm not exactly a fan if you catch my meaning. Now that I've rambled, you may embed my name onto this waiting list of yours.
  17. Surprisingly this hasn't died out yet. I still seem to be getting requests and I feel bad that I am still so devoted to the first two. I may just start picking up more RP's if the ones on the list don't mind long post times?