I'm Partner to a Magical Girl?!

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  1. So this is an idea that I remember from an old site. I always kinda liked it. Basically it is a magical girl sort of thing, like normal, but what about those cute fuzzy creatures they often have?(Aside from a certain rabbit, cat, opossum thing..." Well what this rp is about is a group of girls who become magical girls, AND a group of guys that become their little furry sidekick, that helps them out. So? Thoughts?
  2. Ahaha! XD I find this idea hilarious :p

    It could be fun though. :) I'm willing to try it.
  3. I've been thinking of doing a magical girl type roleplay, so I'm more than definitely interested in joining
  4. Before I make a OOC i would at least like one or two more people to show interest.
  5. I like the idea! I wanna be one of the furry creatures XD
  6. Ich möchte Furry sein D:

    I want to be a Furry but does it have to be a male?
  7. Then great! Imma be a male furry creature like a bunny or a baby buffalo! If so, then my childhood dream will come true~
  8. If need be i would like to request to make another character but a magic girl this time. That's if you need another magic girl
  9. Hey, you ain't stealing my baby buffalo! You can be the rabbit side-kick if you like! By the way, is the main magic girl with pink hair?
  10. Actually she is... Well she isn't MAIN she is just the one who is calling upon the others
  11. Ah, okay. It's just that there is a stereotype in manga and anime that the main (female) characters are usually with pink hair. I just find that stereotype funny and I'd love it if the heroine in this story/roleplay fits in that stereotype, haha.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.