I'm not in love with you (male character needed)

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  1. Don't really have a set plot but I would like something like studentxteacher I'm thinking. And age difference..
    Like the female student is hooking up with her teacher, but at school they aren't allowed to show any relationship going on, or he'll lose his job. The student starts to fall in love with him and turning their sex into love instead of just plain sex like he wanted. The teacher can either start to fall in love with her back or not it's up to you.
  2. I'd Like to play as Male and I have a Slight Idea change of the Plot (if you like the Idea that Is.)

    So like, The Girl Finds the Guy Slightly Attractive but she Thinks he's a Senior (cus thats what the guy said) so one time (after the Sex thing has been going on for a while) she catches him entering a Junior's Class room, then she needs to tell him something (whatever it is its up to you but i was thinking that she's tell him shes pregnant) then she was gonna ask why he's in a juniors classroom, But when She opens the door she sees the guy teaching and stuff then Shes just hurt that the guy lied to her and the fact that shes inlove with a teavher

    :B idk but i think thats sorta nice but I can go with your plot too :)
  3. Or...She's seeing the guy and he's told her that he's a senior, but they don't go to the same school. He told her what school he goes to, maybe one day she wants to stop by and give him a gift, and then finds out he's a teacher.

    But I kinda like mine because I want the guy to not want to be in love with her.
  4. how about we do both cus they seem both interesting?