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Hello, friends, new and old – Koene here! For an all-too-short amount of time, I was a moderator here on Iwaku, until my chronic depression and anxiety got the better of me and I just disappeared. It’s been, what… two years since I left? Much too long, in my opinion.

I don’t intend on getting straight back into any official duties for quite some time… Now is a period of relaxation and healing, though I’ll always be a helping hand in every way possible. I won’t join an exorbitant number of roleplays like I used to, and I can’t guarantee I won’t run off and hide again, but for this period of time, I’m here and ready to write!


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Well, welcome back, Koene! Your stint as a mod must've been after mine, as I was original a moderator back circa 2012! I've always been an old-hand here at Iwaku though. Ignore my current join date (long story!)

Anyways, I hope things are better for you enough that you can really enjoy yourself again. I know you're not looking to load up on RP's, but if you need a partner, drop me a line sometime and we can plot. Otherwise, I know what you've gone through with depression and anxiety, and I'm always willing to listen to any and everything. Trust me when I say I know, because... *stares at his medicine cabinet* ... I know.

Again: Welcome Back! <3
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