Im new but ready to be a part of an awesome story.

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  1. Im not an experienced writer but i enjoy creative thinking and reading. I don't know how dedicated ill be at this but if anyone can hook me in, ill be a loyal writer. As long as its interesting.
  2. I'm into this! Welcome to Iwaku! And I'm glad to have someone not-experienced on this site! It helps to create a better diversity!
    LOL I'm sorry it sounds like I'm degrading you. I actually am only the writer I am now due to rping! So let me be the first to say welcome!
  3. Welcome to Iwaku. Check out the role play 101 guid, it's awesome and very informative.

    For some quick rp action check out the jump in section.
  4. where do i find the jump in section? ..... and thanks Wildpelt, i really appreciate it.
  5. Welcome, simplisitii!
  6. The jumpin section is the forum called "Jump In Roleplays" 8D Easy peasy!

    Welcome to the community!
  7. Welcome simlplicitii ^^
    Whenever you fewl like a story just look for the happily daced people (they could probably be happy that it is over, but no)
    Id love to have an additional rper around.
    Hope you enjoy the site :D
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.