I'm new and want to start out simple

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  1. I want to join a onexone roleplay to start with someone who is willing to be a little patient. Preferably Fantasy based.
    I have my own characters I can work into the story line or I can do a pre-determined one if I can get a background and personality description of them.
    I only play females.
    Please have an at least semi-detailed back-story for this RP.

    Thank you ^_^
  2. I love fantasy based role-plays! And I'm perfectly willing to be patient, trust me...I know bad. You can't possibly be the worst role-player I've played with.

    Hmm, what are you interested in besides fantasy? Do you want to do a quest-ish RP? Do you want romance (nonsexual of course, not only do I prefer that but it's also kind of required in this RP section, lol)? Would you like me to design the world and run it, or do you want to be the GM?
  3. Well fantasy is what I am best with but I can honestly work with almost anything. I don't really have much of a preference right now.. I just want to remember how to RP correctly lol.
    And I would be really happy if you could design the world and run it. Its been so long since I RPed out of my own stories that I almost forgot how to write with someone else

  4. Okay! As for the definition of fantasy, would you like a Tolkien-esque fantasy or something else? Or do you not care??
  5. Haha, I don't really care of course XD just as long as its something easy enough to begin with and I don't make a total fool of myself... I'm good with it XD
  6. I'm sure you'll do fine. Do you want me to post the story first, or do you want to give me a description of your character first and have me base the story around her?

    I'm terribly sorry for all the pre-RP questions by the way, I just don't like to do a shoddy job of setup. x3
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  7. Hmn... Well she is pretty flexible. The only dead set things about her are that she has really long auburn hair and blue eyes. So you can just do the story any way.

    And its quite alright. I know that it is the only way to get an RP set up correctly ^_^
  8. All righty tighty! I'll get that role play set up then! ^^ I'll post a link when it's done!
  9. Sounds good ^_^ Take your time.
    I'm in no rush at the moment. I am working on a drawing so if I don't reply right away I apologize.
  10. Haha, thanks. Now the trick is... Starting off.