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  1. So I don't usually post a request... but I guess I'll give it another shot.

    Rules before anything~
    (Click on the word 'Rules' to be linked to my rules)

    I like to keep things black an white with potential partners. But! Now to the good stuff... Plots, Pairings, glorious!​

    Let's start with Pairings~ (These can be either MxF or MxM)

    Generic: Meaning that these are just the barest of bones pairings~
    Vampire x Vampire
    Vampire x Werewolf
    Vampire x Human
    Vampire x Other Creature
    Werewolf x Werewolf
    Werewolf x Human
    Werewolf x Other Creature
    Human x Human
    Human x Other Creature
    Demon x Human
    Demon x Demon
    Demon x Angel
    Fallen Angel x Human
    Other Creature x Other Creature

    Detailed: Meaning more specific pairings I enjoy doing~
    Prince x Prince
    Prince x Princess
    Prince/Princess x Guard
    Royalty x Peasant
    Succubus x Human
    Incubus x Human
    Master x Pet/Slave
    Vampire x Said Vampire's Human-changed-to-Vampire Child
    Popular Guy/Girl x Shy Guy/Girl
    Prostitute x Mafia/Yakuza Leader

    ~I don't usually do fandom roleplays, but I can be persuaded... PM me if you want to rp a couple or use a specific world with which to put OC's in~

    Now time for plots~ (The bolded roles are the roles I want for the specific idea.)

    1. A Fallen's Curse (MxM)
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    Seme x Uke
    This would be between a demon (or other 'evil' creature) that is put in charge of a new Fallen angel. The angel has yet to fall and the Demon is sent to wait for his new charge. The demon watches as his new charge falls from grace, his clothes changing from white robes of heaven to black human clothes. His wings, are larger then usual but change from white to black. One thing that is also different, instead of being angry or crying or upset, the new fallen looks calm, bored even. What was different about him?
    I am looking for someone to play the demon to my fallen angel. I have a few more detailed ideas but if your interested, post below and I will PM you.

    2. Lips as Red as Her Hood (MxF)
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    Werewolf x Human
    So, I've been wanting to do something along the lines of Red Ridding hood, but with a darker twist.​
    My character is abandoned in the woods as a child by her parents who can no longer care for her. They knowingly leave her in the cursed woods, inhabited by a, rumored, werewolf. She wanders the thick woods crying and stumbling through the brush. The day is getting late and the sun has begun to set, but she has no food or water, just the clothes on her back. As night falls she finds a small lake and sits by it, hiding a tree trunk so the big animals couldn't get her. Before she knows it, she falls asleep in the tree. When she wakes up however, she is being pulled out of the tree by a clawed fur covered hand. Before she can let out a scream, she's met face to face with the largest wolf she had ever seen. But instead of killing her, all he did was sniff her and then suddenly, the sound of bones breaking filled her ears and she watched as the wolf turned into a rather strong looking man. The man looks at her, holding out his hand. "I won't hurt you," was the first thing he said before she took his hand. From then on she lived in the woods with him and he taught her how to hunt and fight and most important of all, protect herself from him on the night of the full moon.
    This I have a few plot ideas and a few different kinds of situations for them to get in and out of. So I'm looking for someone who is willing to play a protective werewolf to me abandoned little red.

    3. Blood like Heroine (MxM)
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    Vampire Seme x Human Uke
    (I'd like to play both roles, so I'm looking for two partners for this plot.)​
    So the vampire is the owner of an BDSM club. Both humans and Vampires go there to enjoy the pleasures that come from sex and blood. The human is a patron of the club and goes looking just for a one time fling with a vampire. The human catches the vampires eye so he requests to be his partner for the night. They go to the back to one of the many private rooms. The human requested light bondage, kissing and, of course, feeding. Things start off slowly, the vampire slowly gets the human into the mood. Once things get steamy, the vampire decides to bite the human, to feed a little, but he shocked into stillness from the taste of the humans blood. It was like nothing the vampire had ever tasted and he felt a strong wave of lust and want fill him. Things move quickly from there, the vampire not bothering with any of the toys and just teased the human until the both of them released multiple times.
    From there we can go in any direction really, I'll have to talk to you through PM to work out all of the details, but, again, I'm looking for two people for this.

    4. Wake me with Your Lips (MxF)
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    Demon x Princess
    My character is a princess from a crumbling kingdom. They are loosing a five year long war between another kingdom. The two rulers meet to discuss a treaty. A deal is made that the prince of the winning kingdom would marry the princess of the loosing kingdom. But she does not want to marry the prince. She sneaks off into the woods, just wanting to be alone, when she comes upon a cottage. She knocks on the door and is told to enter. She goes in and see's a witch standing there looking at her with the blood shot eyes. They strike a deal. The witch would help her kingdom win the war, but the princess would have to repay the witch with a strand of her hair. The princess agrees, since it does not seem like a bad deal. She is given a vial of blue liquid that she is to drink when she returns home. So she returns home and she sits in her room, studying the vial before she drinks it. She suddenly feels tired and lays down on her bed, letting sleep over come her. The next time she wakes, she feels warmth on her lips and her eyes flutter open, seeing a horned man smiling down at her. What had she done?
    So This one, I would like to start after she leaves the castle to be alone in the woods. And I would like to write out how the demon comes into play and I have a few more plot ideas in mind for this.
    So these are the plots that have been on my mind lately. So yeah... I hope this peeks anyone's interest~
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  2. i kinda wanna try red riding hood XD
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  3. I would be willing to do the 'Wake me with your Lips' Plot
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  4. I would be very interested in doing Blood like Heroine
  5. I like the Red Riding Hood one. If you'd like, we can try and work something out in the near future. Keep it in the back of your mind? Haha
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