I'm Layagendary

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And horrible when it comes to puns.

So obviously I'm Laya. I've been using this username for five or so years now, I have absolutely no idea why I came up with it - sorry, I'm no Star Wars fan (or is Star Trek?).

Beta brought me over to this lovely place, and I'm definitely excited about being here. I've been RPing on and off for close to five years, group RPs and 1x1's. I have no preference, really, so long as it's interesting.

Let's see, what else to talk about...

I'm a Sophomore in college, I'm majoring in Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics - fun, right? I may or may not minor in German, but I have two more courses to take regardless for honor society requirements.

So, basically my life revolves around school, and during the Summer I have no idea what to do with my life other than odd jobs to earn some spending money.

My favorite color is pink, I love animals, photography is a hobby of mine - annnd that's about it for this intro.
Not open for further replies.