I'm in the mood for cheesy romance roleplays for anyone interested!

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  1. I don't know if my inner disney princess is rearing its ugly head or if my younger teen romance fangirl just decided to stop by again, but I've been itching for romance. Of the sappy kind.

    Now I'm talking princes and fairytale, happily ever after and once upon a time. That kind of stuff.

    Though when I say cheesy romance, I don't mean cliche romance. Unless it's classy cliche ;D

    Both of my resumes are filled out for anyone interested. I only play female characters and I could come up with some plots for anyone interested or we can come up with a plot together.
  2. Okay! Stuff it! I'm going to give into my girly side, and go fangirl over this! I have to admit, I too have been looking for a romance RP! And I play either gender by the way, but I don't do Yaoi or Yuri or anything! Doesn't do it for me I'm afraid!
    So, what plots were you planning on? I'm curious!
  3. jaflk;dasjas I'm excited! When I created this thread in my mind I was like "people are going to think this is stupid" but I've just been craving cute romance for a while now :) And I don't do much yaoi or yuri so that's cool with me too

    And as far as plots go I was thinking of possibly a Cinderella-esque, Mulan, or Beauty and the Beast though we can mix it up and get creative. I'm really up for anything by this point :) We can also make it modern or fantasy (I love both genres <3 ) and/or have creatures with fairies/vampires/werewolves
    Though as far as specific plots I don't have many specific ones in mind, though I do have one. it's kind of like, my character is playing some type of video game that involves princes/knights/etc and either she gets sucked in to that world or said hero of the game gets sucked out of their game and into the modern world. That's just an option though
  4. I like all your ideas! XD but I have to say, I do love the fantasy/modern idea, and the Video game one! I will say though, the male characters I play tend to be...eccentric. ^_^;
    but if we are going to do the fantasy/modern idea, I think something with either....vampires or werewolves would be ideal! (Let's not make this Twilight...okay! XD no sparkles...)
    but with the video game one...maybe we can do something a bit like a manga I read a while ago! What if she becomes the heroine of the video game- and my character is her...companion? Or something along those lines! XD
    whatcha think?
  5. Okay. Lets parody the living man-shit out of romance RP's. I've been waiting for someone else who would be willing to mock them as much as I have. :D
  6. Mocking cheesy romance is fun! ^_^
  7. could we rp? it sounds fun ^^ pm me