I'm in so much pain right now

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  1. So what does it feel like when you burn most of the skin off the palm of your hands. It's painful and very infuriating at the same time, I'm basically speaking with a microphone as I do this post. That means I'll have to speak out my roleplays. I normally post six paragraphs or less per post so imagine speaking a sex scene out. But the reason I'm not resting is because I know that some of my partners are very impatient when it comes to roleplaying. I also have a twenty six paragraph essay due in a week and a half, so I'm a bit stressed at the moment. I know this sounds like I'm rantings like a lunatic and I shouldn't focus on my role plays at this time. But hell I broke and role play post while in the emergency room so this isn't anything major
  2. Its okay, I'm very patient...Well, at least until you ditch me without a word or whatever. I think you should take some time to rest. Give your hands time to heal. Your Health should come first before anything else. If you have people who are not patient, than they don't really deserve to roleplay with you. Everyone has a life outside of Iwaku and people's free times are all different, well, usually. I am not on 24/7.
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  3. I'm okay really, and roleplaying is one of my stress relievers so
  4. @_@ I don't think you should need to feel so pressured to post. Rest if you need it -- I'm sure your partners will be understanding if you tell them what's up.

    I mean, if you say that RPing makes you feel better then go for it, but, if it's just causing you more trouble... yeah, just don't feel like posts have to have a deadline is all I'm saying.
  5. Real Life takes priority.

    That stands true for everybody.
    If people can't respect that... You need to not be talking with them so much.

    Especially when your RL obligations are medical concerns.
    Like seriously. Someone getting mad at you for not posting because your hand suffered burns seriously need's to calm down and get a reality check.
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