I'm funnier in Enochian, I swear...

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  1. I've always been so awful at introductions, let's see...

    My name is Thyme, so feel free to address me as such unless you have a knack for nicknames in which case I invite you to call me whatever you wish. I've been roleplaying for about five years now and writing for even longer than that. Gosh, that seems like a long time. I'm actually returning from a rather extensive hiatus and looking for some fresh victims partners to write with. I hope I’m not too horribly out of shape for all you guys.

    What else should I ramble about...? I’m a rather verbose writer who prefers story-driven plots and interesting character dynamics and I stick to one-on-one roleplays because I find them more intimate and cozy. I’m fairly diverse in terms of genre, but my favourites are fantasy, historical/steampunk, supernatural and science fiction. As for fandoms, I’m in far too many of them and yes, I also enjoy roleplaying most of these.

    To avoid boring you further, I’ll stop my introduction here. I look forward to meeting you all and hopefully roleplaying with some of you darlings as well.

  2. Howdy, @Thyme, and welcome to Iwaku! I hope you find yourself comfortable here. :3

    In the One-on-One section, we have various genres for you to involve yourself in directly as well as a General Partner Request section in case you just want a buddy to roleplay with regardless of genre! Go ahead and say hello there, too, if you'd like to get into that real soon! :D

    Happy roleplaying! ^.^
  3. Welcome to the community glad to have you :).
  4. Hi Thyme! ^o^ Welcome to the siiiite!
  5. Thanks so much for the warm welcomes, everyone! I'll be sure to head over to the one-on-one section and write up a proper request thread when I find the time and patience to actually sit down and type one up. My sloth-like nature is quite appalling at times...