Im FRost Uchia and Im New To Here :D Wanna Be Friends and go On a Epic Adventure?

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  1. Dont be affraid to Chat with Me im very nice and funny and love editing pics for people
  2. Hello mister Frost Uchia! 8D Welcome to the community of fun and stuff!
  3. thank you!!!
  4. Welcome, Frost Uchia! I could use more friends who can edit pictures.... *grins evilly* *ahem* I'm sure you'll find lots to do around here! Isn't there a Graphics Club or Challenge somewhere? Helpful members, help!
  5. Its great to have you here!

    My name is Tetsrui and its very nice to meet you.

    I hope you enjoy your time here.

    Since you love to chat, Cbox is a great way to meet and chat with others!

    Welcome to the family.
  6. I definitely thought you were another member with Frost in their name when you were in Cbox earlier -nods-
    Welcome to Iwaku!
  7. D:
    How come I missed this thread before!?

    Welcome to Iwaku, Frost Uchia!
    We love friendly people, oh yes we do!
    If you like chatting, follow Mr Tetsuri's advice and join us at the Cbox!
    Here, have some cookies.


    Enjoy, and see you around!