I'm feeling aggresive.

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  1. I love beating up my roleplay characters and breaking them down. But I also like doing it with others characters too, lately I've been feeling the need for a good fight/aggressive roleplay. My main character is female so if you want romance as well I would suggest a male pair. Be warned she has quite a kick.
    Feel free to shoot a plot out, I'm looking for an RP buddy that I can really fight with, But don't take it personally if I am mean to your characters.
    Generally I get in a few long posts a day, and would like my partner to be able to do the same.
    Being something of a passive-aggressive roleplayer when it comes to leading, I prefer aggressive partners.

    - Demons are cool
    - As well as vampires/werewolves
    - Any fantasy creature really
    - Not really into gun fights
    - But hand-held weapons are ok (aka. Swords/knives)
    - Magic is fine

    - Torture of the characters is fine
    - Expect a lot of conflict
    - Don't be afraid to spark up a lot of conflict
    - I am a cruel roleplayer. Don't forget that.
    - As said before, romance is fine but probably
    more of a love/hate relationship

    I'm not looking for just any roleplay, specifically one that meets these standards. Message me if your feeling aggressive too and we can talk plot~
  2. That sounds so great, but my characters are only female.
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.