I'm bored ^^;

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  1. Yes, I'll take a new partner. I'm open to any idea, though right now I do feel like playing something in the romantical/comedic sort of genre.

    I like playing as a girl, but if you so wish, I can play as a guy.
  2. I like how this sounds
    Im interested
  3. Alright :D Got any ideas?
  4. Well what kind of comedy do you want it? Clean or smut?
  5. Well... I can go for either, so whichever you prefer
  6. It doesnt matter with me! ( ^ 3 ^ )
    What would you want? The school plot is one i like lol
  7. Yeah, I think I'd like to try a school plot :3
  8. Alright What do you want it to be about?
    The only romantic/Comedy ive ever seen was a manga and it was about a really tall girl that liked a really short guy(He liked her two)
  9. I don't know ^^; something normal, like where the guy and/or girl goofs up whenever they see the other, like tripping down the stairs or something (I read that manga too!)
  10. Oh! hahaha okay! i get what you mean :)

    The only reson i red it is cuz my friend said id like it. I told her to give me a manga to see if i like it.....the next day i get a huge case and she says "Read them all"
  11. XD I only read it because the cover looked cute.

    Alright, so... Will it be clean or smut? (need to know so I can put in the right forum ^^;))
  12. It dosent matter with me ;p