I'm bored. Anyone have an idea they want to work with, one x one or group?

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  1. Seriously. I'm pretty much ready for anything. I guess mature stuff is something I can go with, action, sci-fi, horror, ANYTHING TO FIGHT BOREDOM. My brain is just so tired of coming up with stuff that screws up in the end. So, I leave it up to the people. If you want to do something, throw me an idea, and I'll try my hand at something new.
  2. We meet again.
    I'd like something medieval/fantasy where I could use my dwarf. I've been wanting to use my dwarf.

    I'd like something with less fighting than is generally expected, since battles can be difficult to roleplay in large groups. In tabletop terms, something that uses skill points more than stats.
    Maybe have something where there's no definite right or wrong/where the evil villain is actually good/where the heroes are misinformed and turn out to be evil or turn on each other...I'm just throwing out ideas.
  3. What do you think of a No More Heroes kind of roleplay? It's been brewing in my head for awhile.
  4. Continue.
  5. Perhaps.
  6. Well, you know how No More Herores was with crazy weapons and such. It would be something that would needed expansion on, but I was thinking of having all OC's with unique weapons and such fighting each other for top assassin's spot. But like we'd make it so a person's weapon couldn't be cheap, like do cheap shot's or something.
  7. I'm trawling for one x ones, if you fill out your Roleplay resume it would make it easier for people to see what you're down for :)
  8. What about a Scifi war rp involving many franchise crossovers/ influences including halo, godzilla, titanfall, Gears of war, avatar and anything else you wish to add to your hearts contents?
  9. How would you plan to execute the crossovers? I've had some ideas.
  10. A lot of it involves around space godzilla evolving and tearing open portals accidentally or the man made dimension tide
  11. Well, my first thing was the Chimera from "Resistance: Fall of Man" trying to pull reinforcements (cause they got that shit bro) from other sections of the galaxy to secure their grip on Earth and permanently terraform it, only to pull others from other galaxies (my theory being that everything from all those Sci-Fi games and series took place in separate galaxies, all alternate versions of the Milky Way, or wherever they happened to take place), leading to an ultimate showdown between the Covenant, Reapers, Chimera, and Humanity.
  12. That would be fine!
    The covenant already are in the rp as remnant factions and the humans are widespread!
    The main villains are monsters anyway, the side armies being a worthy distraction from the humans which will allow the development for more baddies!

    If you're still interested, PM me and if we can't get another I'll post it!
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