I'm back! ~.^;'''

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I'm gonna assume that some people remember me, but for those of you that don't, HIIII I'M CLOVER!

I didn't have an internet connection at my house for a very VERY long time, but I have recently moved and fixed my laptop and I'm back my friends! So hopefully we can do some catching up and some chit chattings. ^_____^;'''
why are you winking at me?

you out something in my toast didn't you?

I know aaalll about your Joebro love! >:D
I wink because I felt like it made my thread look inviting, yet creepy at the same time.

I also stalk you on facebook Diananana! *creepy winky face*
Ohai Clover. I came back too some time ago. I sat around and waited for you, as you can see. Tadaaa *poses*

Welcome back to Iwaku. :)
AWWWWH! You are so sweet! Thanks! ^-^;''
HAY CLOVER! I remember you! Welcome back!
:3 Hi~ It's a me, Dawnio! *offers green mushroom*
Welcome back Miss Clover.
I'm having little flashes of memory. And considering my memory that must mean you made some kinda of impression.

Welcome back.
Thanks everyone! It's good to be back! ^___^;''
Welcome back, Clover. Good to see you're still kickin'.