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  1. Hiyya! I just got back after being gone from a long hiatus, so I am looking for some more Roleplay partners while I contact all the people I used to RP with, because I have SO MANY IDEAS.

    Here are some things im interested in ( all involving OC's, perferably, only taking place in the universe. )

    FiremageXice mage/ mage vs magic hater

    Dragon age

    any kind of love hate things

    Forbidden Game ( exception for aforementioned OC statement)


    two generals of opposing armies

    best friends falling in love and being in denial

    beauty and the beast

    harry potter

    king/queen X the capitan of the guard.

    in all these things, we can do MXM MXF FXF or any other combination of anything in between.

    I would perfer somewhat speedier replies, if at all possible, and I expect at least decent grammar, in no means does it has to be perfect. I require about a paragraph length post, if at all possible, but I understand if times call for shorter posts. I can do longer posts if need be. I also perfer chat roleplays. I can also do multiple characters at once.

    PM me if you are interested! :)
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Thread Status:
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