I'm back? :D?

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  1. So I was in a bad car accident last month, and have a broken pelvis.
    And I don't do a whole lot other than watch movies or play video games, and it's making me itch to roleplay.
    So. I will do just about anything. I have many ideas I want to try, but I would love to hear your ideas! These ideas are basics, and you telling me what you like will help me flesh out my ideas for our roleplay. Yeah.

    My ideas:
    Pirates finding treasure
    Four Horsemen
    Special Powers

    :D message me!.
  2. What ideas do you have?
  3. Right now, I'm especially interesting in:
    Something with people with special powers, finding some bad guy sort of thing
    Pirates finding treasure
    Four Horseman (Like Darksiders, a little)
  4. People with special powers? Define them please
  5. Well, I had the ScyFy show Alphas in mind.

    Ability to push your thoughts onto someone, super strength, ability to see electric waves, etc.
  6. Anyone up for doing a role play about speakeasies? :D