I'm back and searching for a parnter

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  1. Hey everyone I'm back I was gone for a long time but I am back for good and I am getting excited to star role playing again so a little bit about me. My name is Hannah I have been role playing for about 9 years I have done everything from fandom's to horror to emotional illness I am up for anything and am looking for a long term partner who can post more than once a day.

    What I am interested in and this stuff is just bare bones
    werewolf x werewolf
    vampire x werewolf
    teen boy X teen girl
    country girl X city boy (or the opposite)
    soul eater (oc characters or characters in it)
    say I love you (this one would be so fun for a romance rp)
    cowboy bebop
    knightsx princess
    death note
    this is just very basic stuff that i will do if you are interested please pm me I will respond as soon as i can have a nice day
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.