I'm ba-aack!

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  1. Okay, so some of you have probably noticed that I was gone for about two weeks, just missing this month's masq by a day. No, you people probably had a whole bunch of fun without me. Sorry about any threads that I've missed out on, and sorry again from my sudden invisibility. So, anyone want to update me on any fun happenings while I was gone? It'll be.....fuuuun.... Okay, that was creepy. But still. I'm back from the land of the dead, and if you want explanations, interrogate me, but so far, I'm happy my profile hasn't been deleted.
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  2. Welcome back, Fishy!
    I don't think they delete profiles after only a few weeks... I saw an abandoned one from a few years back!

    But hey, how are you doing? How's Meatloaf?
  3. Thanks! Meatloaf is fine. He kind of wandered into my paper one day when I was scratching out a few drawings. I think he's a combination of things I've seen here and something I read in a Psychology textbook a few weeks back. I know, you're probably wondering why in the world someone like me reads Psychology textbooks, but I find Psychology interesting. I'm always filling my brain with some kind of information, and reading about why people act the way they do fascinates me.
  4. Hey, me too!
    As a storyteller, you have to have a good understanding of human behavior.

    But Meatloaf doesn't look very... meatloaf-y. Unless he's your Signature dragon!
    Why doesn't he just eat himself up?