I'm Allergic!

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  1. Do you have any allergies, Iwaku?
    Food allergies or otherwise?
    Tell us about them.​
  2. I am allergic to pomegranate! Which means no sweet, sweet alcoholic drinks made with genuine grenadine for me, either.
    You'd be surprised how many juices and nonsense now try to throw in pomegranate. Assholes. >:[
  3. Grass, pollen, hay, nickel, copper, brass, dogs, Dawn dish soap, Dial hand soap, the hand soap Wal-Mart bathrooms have, some brands of hand sanitizer, Tide laundry soap, Bounce dryer sheets, cigarette smoke...

    Those are the ones I can remember, anyway. I'm unaware of any food allergies I have. That sucks you can't have pomegranate, Kittin. :[
  4. I have chemical sensitivities, thus I tell people I am allergic to dry sheets. They are the bane of my existance! I can not go down the detergent aisle at the store, and am eternally greatful that smoking is banned indoors in my state.
  5. I'm allergic to cherries and MSG. Which means no hotdogs for me :( Thankfully I can eat most Chinese foods where I am though! :D But because I can't eat hotdogs, during the summer I crave them like crazy ._. All those camping trips as a kid and eating one hotdog, only to be sick as a dog afterwards and the day after T^T

    I'm also allergic to Tegretol, which is used to treat epilepsy! :D I was on it for almost half a year and it nearly killed me! D: I had to switch medicines, but I couldn't even go to school for 3 weeks after that because if I had gotten sick (like the flu or a cold) I would have died! D: BAD TEGRETOL!

    But that's it! :D
  6. XD I'm allergic to Amoxacillin. Only thing I'm allergic to (aside from bad times, but everyone is allergic to those!) and it's a pretty bad one.
  7. I'm allergic to chocolate (but I still eat it >_> ) and Bananas. The chocolate allergy is fine as long as I only eat a bite. Bananas cause my tongue to swell up, so those are to be avoided.
  8. I'm allergic to Selsun products. There's something in them that makes me break out in hives. Not sure what it is though, but so far I've been fortunate enough that I haven't come across anything else that does it.
    Also allergic a a certain type of mold which means my allergies get really bad when it rains for a while.
  9. Pennicillin

    I went into the ER red and swollen like an overripe tomato and they asked 'do you have allergies?' I said 'I didn't think I did but maybe you'd better check!'

    I was on a medicine (antibiotic) for strepp throat, didnt do anything so I went back to the clinic and a different doctor diagnosed me with Tonsillitis and gave me a stronger antibiotic. I woke at 3am as the aforementioned tomato, and went to the hospital where they asked if anyone in my family had allergies. I responded that my brother was allergic to Pennicilin, they said it was likely we shared it, and that my body had learned the allergy (I had had penicillin before with no problems.) Oh, and it wasn't strep throat or tonsillitis, it was mono and I had to miss three weeks of work and (the previous mess included) pay about $150 for prescription meds. I am SO GLAD I live in a country where doctor visits and notes are free; if I had to pay for those too I would probably still be in debt