I'm a what? Reactions with two conflicting natures.

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  1. This is what you could call a mental exercise of the sillier types and here's the deal:

    A character of your choice has unwillingly or unknowingly been turned into a small animal of your choice. It can't be larger than a housecat, but further than that there's no restriction: You can choose any animal from the animal kingdom.

    Secondly, with the change comes the instinct and nature of the animal. The implication of this is simple: Your character will have a base personality and inherent nature before being changed, then after the change your character will have two different natures to contend with. Think a confident jock being turned into a squirrel, or the bookish geek being turned into a snake. Conflicts.

    I wanna see two paragraphs, one pre-transformation and one post-transformation. The transformation itself is optional.
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