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  1. Heya folks, welcome to my search! I'm Elfie and hopefully after reading(or skimming) through this post you would like to roleplay. So let's get on to what you'd really like to know before contacting me.

    Literacy: I can write. A lot. Sometimes my intros are scary long even to me. Usually I am a mirror lit+ but I think roleplays flow a little better when we are both posting between 1-5 chunky paragraphs. If you tend to post more though and are still interested, hit me up, I'm sure I can keep up with ya! My main concern is quality over quantity, but let's be real, getting a few lines that don't really add to the story we are creating in response is always a bummer.

    Fandoms: Yup, I have a few I'm looking for and here's where I sit with the whole thing. I love OCs thrown in with canon characters, I love total AU plots, heck, I'm even down with doing something totally silly/fluffy/funny. I'm also cool with throwing all the canons out and just using the universe to create our own story. Remember those fun, goofy "your oc hooks up with your canon of choice and mine with mine" roleplays when we were teen fangirls? Yup, that's perfectly okay with me. I'm basically down for whatever idea you or I might come up with in a fandom. Be it serious, dramatic, romantic, goofy, fluffy, etc. As long as it is fun, and includes characters we both enjoy, I'm game!

    Characters: Doubling/tripling, etc I'm up for it all. Huge plot with tons of support characters needed? Awesome. Just wanna do one character with another and only throw in NPCs in needed parts? Also awesome! Just please if we are taking on more than one character each, give equal attention to them all.(If they are main characters. I totally get that sometimes side characters just pop in for a little bit and then might disappear for a while)

    Limits: I have very few. They are as follows. I hate hard drug abuse and don't like it included heavily in roleplays. I'm also not down with roleplays centering around extreme abuse/abusive relationships. Some is fine, but not all the time. That's all for me, anything else is fair game! Please let me know your limits before we begin so I can respect them!

    Duration: I'm in roleplays for the long haul. I won't just ditch you so I hope you won't just ditch me. That being said, I am an adult with a lot of projects going on, so while I will happily respond quickly and frequently when I am online, I am not online 24/7. I am on several hours a day though and at varying times so we shouldn't have a problem getting a roleplay started or keeping it going. x3

    On to what sort of roleplays I'm looking for! This is what I am most craving right now, but I am open to suggestions.

    Note on pairings: I am mostly looking for MxF but could be convinced to do MxM. Not super up for FxF right now. If it's a pair I'm willing to do MxM I will make a note beside the pairing.

    If a character is in BOLD they are the character I am looking to play! If neither are bold then I'm up for whatever role. x3


    Pokemon(OCs only please~!)

    Gym Leader x Gym Leader(mxm okay)
    Professor x Gym Leader
    Elite Four X Any
    Pokemon Masterx Any

    The Legend of Zelda
    Link x Zelda
    Young! Ganondorf x ?(Plot bunny!) (mxm okay)

    Link x Zelda(with mild x Dark Link thrown in) (plot bunny!)

    Naruto(I am current with dubbed anime, spoilers are fine but I am not super knowledgeable past the dubbed anime.)
    There are so many characters and I'd love to do something super AU and goofy. Basically I would love to play just about anyone and if I could find someone to play Kakashi and/or Yamato I'd die a happy girl!

    Tales of series
    I am familiar with Symphonia, Abyss, Xillia and Xillia 2. I would love to play just about any character from those and would love something including any of the following. Kratos, Yuan, Gaius, Ivar, Milla, Jude, Elize, Raine, Ludger, and Alvin! I have played Graces f and Vesperia but am not super familiar with them since it was only once each.

    Harvest Moon: OCs only please!
    Farmer x Rancher
    Rancher x Doctor

    Star Trek (ToS, AU, or Reboot, I have seen Beyond so tell me if you haven't so I don't spoil anything! Super craving right now!)
    Spock x OC
    McCoy x any (mxm okay)
    Kirk x any (mxm okay)


    Lawyer/CEO x Personal assistant(I have a modern fantasy plot I'd love to use for this!)

    Best friend x Best friend (Another that I have plot ideas for!)

    Teacher x Teacher

    Rancher owner x Visitor (Plot!)

    Bakery owner x Coffee shop owner (Plot bunny!) (mxm okay)

    Princess x Knight Captain(Modern and modern fantasy plot bunnies!)

    Literally anything modern fantasy that includes elves and half elves. Seriously, I love me some half elf prejudice drama!

    I will post the plot ideas I have written out already here, but I don't have all of them written down yet so if you want to know about one you don't see, just ask!

    Young! Ganondorf x ?
    Basically I'd love to do something with Ganondorf(In any of his forms) as a young man before he comes under the control of Ganon. I like the idea of him being a young ambitious Gerudo that perhaps encounters an OC or minor character or perhaps Nabooru and shares with them his passion for making his nation prosperous and mighty and they venture out with him to do just that but then witness as he descends from his noble ambitions to the cruel evil king he becomes.

    CEO x Personal assistant
    I really would like to do something modern fantasy with this. I've had the idea for a while now of the human world having a secret underground where all manner of mythical creatures reside. Dragons, fairies, shifters, elves, mages, etc etc etc. They all live among unwitting humans. Some clans that have the ability to shape shift into human forms or conceal their mythical nature(Dragons, elves, shifters, werewolves, etc etc) live among humans but keep their true identities secret. The CEO comes from one such clan(A dragon clan in my head but we can change that) and he and his family have been living among humans for several generation. They run a massive corporation and are known for having their hand in the political pot, but always it seems for the greater good. What the regular humans don't know is that this clan is protecting them behind the scenes from another clan/faction that is tired of living in the shadows and wants to eradicate humans so that the mythical creatures can live freely for once.

    Best friend x Best friend

    Two kids are best friends since they were quite young, and throughout growing up friends, family, neighbors, etc, always just assume they are dating/will end up dating and it gets so annoying for the two that they promise to never date because it would be "too weird". Well, after high school, one or both go off to college and spend several years apart. They correspond, but don't really feel as close as they used to be. Some event calls one or both of them home however, and while both find themselves extremely attracted to one another after their time apart, they are determined to not date or become a couple, and thus tension, friction, and hopefully a little comedy ensue.

    Friends grow up, go to college, get jobs, lead their lives, one or both in a fairly successful(6 figure+) careers that require frequenting social events and galas, dinners, ect that they are often both invited to. After many unsuccessful "dates" and trying to find "the one" without success for these events where it would seem improper to arrive without a date they decide to take one another to any respective functions so they won't be alone, won't appear anti-social, and won't have to suffer horrible dates, or the people that co-workers attempt to set them up with. However, after many enjoyable evenings out, they begin to realize that there is a little more going on than just company at work functions.
  2. I would love to do the CEO x Personal assistant plot. ^~^
  3. Awesome! I tend to play the CEO as a lawyer when I take on that role, but I'd be up for input! If you want we can figure out the details via messages. ^^
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  4. Still looking for partners. x3
  5. I am interested in RPing with you
  6. Alright, shoot me a PM when what you are interested in and we can discuss the details. x3
  7. What about best friend x best friend? Your first plot sounds fun. :)
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