"I'll see you in my dreams" (MxF Looking for F)

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  1. "I'll see you in my dreams."


    Everybody has their own dream world. In these worlds, they can fly, have expensive lifestyles, or do anything that they desire. Some people, rather then dream about the extraordinary, have fantasies about the perfect house, spouse, children, and are much more domesticated in their desires. Its a fictional place where a person can escape to when times get rough and allows for human creativity to flourish.

    Dylan Robertson, a young man only just turning 18, feels as if he lives two totally different lives. When he's awake, Dylan goes to college and studies hard to become a publicized fiction writer. He has a pet dog named Maxwell, a small apartment with everything he needs, and a job as a bus boy that helps pay the bills. But when night rolls around and he's drifted off into the wondrous world of dreams, he becomes somebody else. This Dylan Robertson, is a well-to-do young man who successfully launched his writers career and lives in a large townhouse with many pleasantries. He owns a dog named Maxwell and a cat named Felix, both of whom get along quite well. He's also married to a beautiful young woman the same age as him. Whenever he dreams, she's always there. His dream-wife, as he's used to calling her, is the absolute perfect match for him, and visa versa. Dylan doesn't know much about this character, but he knows that she's his subconscious' idea of the perfect woman. She cooks, cleans, takes care of the house, and knows how to accessorize. She looks gorgeous, no matter what they're doing. With the body even a supermodel would be jealous of and the personality that makes the sweetest little old lady on the Earth seem like the Devil, Dylan believes that she's too good to be true.

    However, one day when he's working, a woman who resembles his dream-wife enters the restaurant. She acts, looks, and even sounds just like the woman from his dreams. They even share the same name, although the mystery woman still has her maiden name. As they speak, it becomes evident that the woman knows everything about Dylan that his dream-wife knows. Who is this woman, and how can she be real? She's only a figment of his imagination... Right?

    Okay, so I'm looking for a female partner to play the role of the mystery woman/dream-wife. The RP would fluctuate between the realities every now and again, with Dylan trying to learn about her every step of the way.

    We can discuss how the woman can exist in the real world and in his dreams (I have a few ideas of how this could work), as well as figure out things they would do in both realities.

    Here are the ideas I came up with, but feel free to come up with your own or tweak/change them!


    Sort of like the film "Weird Science", she was brought to life during a strange/paranormal event where his dreams manifested into reality. This could be because the desire for living that life was so powerful that it brought elements like the woman and her family into reality.


    She is a mystical being who feeds off the pleasant dreams of humans. After finding Dylan, she witnessed his dreams and because they were so full of hope and didn't desire anything extreme, she invaded his dreams as a way of repaying him. She could appear in the real world as a result of constantly feasting on his dreams, which allowed her to manifest a physical body.


    Out of sheer coincidence, they've both invaded each other's dreams by accident, merging their thoughts into one. Think something like Inception in the sense that they've entered the same dream and constantly go back to it. Now because of their link, they constantly have a continuous shared dream.


    She's some kind of Goddess/Deity who blended into the mortal world. Whatever job she's supposed to do (ex. Goddess of Love, Wisdom, Kindness, Light, ect) has led her to Dylan. Mortals and Gods getting together is nothin new, so she enters his dreams and his life to try and settle down. She would be immortal/mortal if she chose to change, making it plausible for her to enter his dreams (as an immortal, bodiless Goddess), or exist in reality (as a mortal, living inside a physical body of flesh and blood).​

    However you want to go about this RP is fine with me, just give me a shout out if you're interested. I'll only take one person for this right now, so send me a PM or post below if you're interested ^^
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  2. Hello I think its interesting I'd be happy to join if you like. If your still looking
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