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  2. 13:40

    Fucking jump scares. >.<
  3. Doesn't look as tense as PT, what with the slow environment warping and... creepy foetus in the sink. But it certainly does have promise and coupled with the new graphics engines, it could be quite an experience.
  4. I'm sure that wasn't a fetus though I might be talking about a different time than you.
  5. @Dipper

    Eh, I'm just happy a game like this is being made. Very happy. The unfortunate thing about being a copy of a game people like is that the copier will almost always be seen as inferior. Let's see how this game will work in the future, anyways.
  6. I was referencing the original playthroughs of PT, not this game. This is PT's spiritual successor, kind of. That's where it was. It was quite... something.
  7. Oh, I'm definitely looking forward to it. I just saw a lot in PT, so I don't know if there's much they can put in this new game that will surprise me as much as the original.

    PT was... weird, to say the least. I'm hoping this matches that and beyond. I could use a good scare.
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  8. Ahh, okay.
  9. I feel this may be a Kojima tease.
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