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Does anyone like this idea? Message below so I can know ^.^

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  1. First off, Hello everyone!~ My name is DoomyCakez and I just joined Iwaku a couple of days ago.
    *Insert happy claps, cheers, etc.*

    I want to make an RP group and I would like to see who is interested. It will most likely be multiperson, because the plot is very...progressive...

    Basic Idea:
    I want to create a "Vampire" RP, but not the usual romantic, Vampire Knight stuff I always find. No...I want to make something bad ass ^.^. My idea is to make a cross between Hellsing Ultimate/ Dance of the Vampire Bund/ Attack on Titan/ and Full Metal Alchemist.
    ...Da fuk doomy???
    It may seem a bit of a weird combination, but work with me here, people! :D

    100 years ago, Vampires came out to the world as a disease that affected everything. Animals and humans alike started to turn into these monsterous creatures, mainly due to the folly of man who actually created this virus as a way to improve mankind. Enraged by the faults of mankind, they saw themselves as the superior race and sought to eliminate all human. What they forgot was that they need humans to survive and nearly wiped them all off the face of the Earth. The intelligent vampires, calling themselves "Diablerie" chose to side with the humans in a effort to destroy their own kind. Leading this group of immortals is Constantine, the vampire "princess" of sorts. They built a barrier around the last human civilization and work to replenish the population, with the evil vampires trying to break through at all times. There is going to be lots of blood, gore, and other fun things!~
    The "Diablerie" Survive by drinking the blood of the Vampires. This has given them strange abilities that the normal Vampires do not have. Because the humans were almost wiped out by the vampires, you can tell that they see the Diablerie as "Monsters". The Diablerie are "owned" by a single human, and they obey he/she without question. (I kind of want this to be a guy because the leader of the Diablerie is a girl owo)

    I am going for a very Full Metal Alchemist/ Attack on Titan setting. Cobblestone streets, trains, old cars and telephones, brick buildings, etc. I'm really want to focus on the beauty of the world, even though everything is closing in on the human settlement. So beautiful forests, rivers, trails, etc.

    The Diablerie: The vampire eating creatures
    Werewolves? (Werewolves protect the vampires during the day. I was hoping one could be captured and brought into the Diablerie. The werewolves are slaves to the Vampires.)
    Mutated Animals from the Vampire Virus.

  2. I'm interested baby face! I'm thinking of being a disgruntled werewolf that hates his job. OR ONE OF THOSE VAMPIRE EATING THINGS :O
  3. I call werewolf or Mutated Animal...Or BOTH!
    I like the idea of it. :)
  4. Yay ^.^ Most likely go with Werewolf Gypsy. All the animals are mindless like titans ^w^

    I'm Constantine
  5. You can me my werewolf - w -
  6. I am a mindless bit-- does that count? Joking. Can't wait.
  7. I'm excited ^w^ This will be so much funnn!~
  8. Let me know when you start doing sign ups so I dont miss out *
  9. Oh also do you have idea what you want to do with the werewolves?
    Permanent formation or human/werewolf?
    Also Did it matter how their body shaped as a werewolf since there is a couple different body structures.

    (I wanted to get an idea.)
  10. I will be your werewolf ;D
  11. I was thinking more along the lines of body morphing like how they do in most movies. Withing the lines of body shape, I like the idea of either giant wolves or the humanoid wolf forms like Underworld. One the full moon, they will not be able to control the transformation and will become mindless, blood thristy beasts. Any other time, they can control their transformation fairly easily.

    tell me what you think ^.^
  12. Classic and golden I'm in
  13. Vampire=win lol. I am here just posting so you know.
  14. Werewolf yaaaaaaay ;D
  15. I like your taste in influences for this. I've had some poor experience with vampire stuff in the past (because it was all personal drama, and angst, and so-on and so-fort...based on the World of Darkness so I shouldn't be surprised). I might give it a try, although I've got no clue what I'd roll up for it.
  16. Thank you very much! I always notice the same stuff with Vampire RPs and it disappoints me so I want to try something different. Now you can have what you want, but it seems most are liking the Werewolves. I do need more Diablerie, and the normal vampires are mostly NPC except for important leaders ^.^ I will be getting started on the character set up thread and more information tomorrow and I look forward to you joining! (If you join that is...)
  17. Well, if we need more for Diablerie, I'd probably go for that. Or a human, if they'd be relevant. Have to be one hell of a crazy human, to try and keep up with the vampires and werewolves.

    The thought occurred to me that the setting's a bit like Vampire Hunter D as well. Not quite as far-future, but it's got a neat mixture of (old, often lost) technology and a generally rustic setting which is much more Victorian or earlier.
  18. I am actually hoping someone will be a human trying to keep up with the Diablerie, BUT that person will have to understand the limitations of the human body and will have to go about killing kind of like AOT. That human may get the shit kicked out of him or her on many occasions, but I think it will be a fun character for someone to play who really understands it
  19. A character that gets the shit kicked out of them? I'll do it! Tell me more what I got to do.
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