Ike's stroy hour

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Ike Sapphire

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Here is a little something that I have been doing in my spare time and I just wanted to share it with you.

Chapter: Prologue

I found my self sleeping like I could never get up but some odd sound gave me a startle and I came to. When my eyes adjusted to the light I saw that I was under a bridge and that I wasn't any where that I knew of. I sat up straight and yawned as I usually do when I have a good nights rest. I then stood up and without my own will walked over casually to the noisy not frightened at all.
Suddenly the noise stopped and out of the bushes came a man looked about 30 and had a sword on his back and with only one little piece of armor that protected his chest. The man walked up to me and said "Hey boy you're not from around here are you" while me standing there with a blank look in my face. He continues on with his little talk while I am still drowsy from the rest that I had.
"You have odd clothing, and you seem to be from some distant land that is not even remotely in this area… By the looks in your eyes you seem to be wondering where you are at and how to get back… Why don't you come with me to my place and let's talk about this over some tea or something."
Before I knew it I was walking with him to his house wondering what in the hell just happened. Well when I reach his place we talk and I tell him my side of the story over the tea. He looked very serious as I was talking and when I finished… "… hmm so you say you came from Tokyo in the year 2010… Highly likely but then again the clothing tells it all… Well right now you're in the year 1759."
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