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Before you ask, yes it is another poke'mon thread. But this time it isn't based mostly on poke'mon but actually the gym leaders. If you were a gym leader...

[align=center]What Poke'type would you use?
What #/8 gym leader would you be?
What sort of trainers would you have under you inside your gym?
What sort of puzzle would you implement for the challengers?
And Would you like to be one of those that are part of the main story?

For me I would definitely be an ice type all the way. And for some reason I like position 5-8 as they seem to be some of the most savvy/hard to beat leaders out there. Under me there would be plenty of Ace Trainers and Youngsters looking to add ice to their team or to take the position of leader when I'd step down. And for the puzzle I'd make a sort of season changing puzzle. This would involve melting snow, refreezing it, and then sliding on it. Finally, of course I'd love to be in the main story, who wouldn't?
Well, if I had to be a Gym Leader, probably the last one.

As for Pokemon, either Dragon, Ghost, or Psychic types. But I'd at least want a Tyranitar in my team, to mess with the challenger.

As for Trainers, most likely Ace Trainers or Dragon Tamers. ...Although those female Swimmers do look nice in their bikinis...

Also, yeah, I'd totally want to be part of the main story. That way, when the hero is in crisis, I can suddenly show up on my Dragon/Psychic/Ghost type Pokemon and be all, "LET'S DOUBLE BATTLE BRO," and team up with him/her.

And, as for puzzles, none. My gym would be a giant walkway, with the Gym Trainers on either side. So that as the challenger walks down the path, they must challenge all the Gym Trainers. Then, finally, they would reach me.
I'd probably be #7, and I'd be steel/rock type.

Probably some hikers and campers cause they seem to have rock types.

Good ol' fashion Strength maze for my puzzle.

And, no, I'd not like to be a storyline character, but in the next series would like to be an elite four member.
I'd be number 3 because they usually seem to be the gym leader living in the biggest city of whatever region.

My pokemon would be all water types with Lapras as my pinnacle pokemon. Or it'd be ghost type pokemon.

My trainers would all be lasses and ladies.

My maze would be a combination of simple mazework and moving jumping water fountains to hit specific marks to advance all in a garden theme.

And I wouldn't mind being in the storyline, but probably just to hand the hero some useful tool for their pokedex or something and be off on my merry way.
What Poke'type would you use?
I like Dark and Psychic the best, so maybe I'd be unique with a combination of those types. :3 If not, then definitely Dark. There's no gym for Dark Pokemon. [THAT I KNOW OF. D:< I haven't played past Ruby/Sapphire and refuse to play anything farther.]

What #/8 gym leader would you be?
I'd say the 6th one.

What sort of trainers would you have under you inside your gym?
That's a good question... Burglars, maybe? Since they might have some types that are half Dark, such as Houndoom. Maybe some Jugglers, too. And just because I like how creepy they are: Channlers. XD

What sort of puzzle would you implement for the challengers?
I'd probably make a maze for them. A maze of invisible walls that briefly show colour when touched. When you reach a dead end, you have to fight a trainer.

And Would you like to be one of those that are part of the main story?
Nah. I'd just say "Good job, kid" and go on with life.
Fire/Fighting. The pinnacle pokemon would be primeape with both fighting and rock moves, cause he can learn those, he's a tank and he's fast as f'.

I'd be number one!

My trainers would be monks and the adventurers.

My maze would be having to pick the right holes to fall down. Depending upon which hole you choose you either get a simple trainer or a tough one. But there is no way back out to heal up before you have to fight me.

Main story? I don't know. Only if I could throw a fit when I lost and keep coming back to try and murder the kid who beat me.
#6 Fire

My trainers would probably be kindlers... v_v

My maze would be to surf through the correct currents and if you fail, you end up washed up on an island to fight a trainer!

Main story... I dunno. Probably not. Maybe allied briefly with the good side, sort of like Wallace in Ruby and Sapphire, but not doing much. >w<
I'll admit it, I'll be like Blue/Gary Mother Fuckin' Oak and probably not specialize in one group of elementals. Maybe an Umberon, Gyarados, Ampharos, Typhlosion, Pidgeot, and Tyranitar.

I'd be number 7, the lucky number!

I'd have Gamblers, Gentlemen, Beauty, Kimono Girl, Parasol Lady, Young Couple, Lady, Rich Boy, and sailors.

I'd have my "gym" as an airship with a set up like all the boats that are in the earlier games, where they merely have wander around and battle random people by entering rooms and then te only way to find the gym leader is to explore. Not much of a maze but it works.

Main storyline, probably not but if we go with the normal bad guy take overs maybe the hero has to defeat whatever team bad is first before they can battle me.
So what's up with everyone not wanting to be part of the main story? Is it because you all are trying to be overly humble, is your gym leader position making you lazy, or do you feel like you came down with an overpowering syndrome? (keeps conversation going)
I have a gym to take care of! I can't be running around all over [region] to help the main character! There's other challengers to my gym! And I forgot about Kimono girls! I'd have them too! And I guess my gym would be an old Japanese style-gym like something from Ecruteak city!
I'd love to be part of the main story. I'd be irresponsible like "Blue" (I still think they should have named him Green, like in the Pokemon Special manga), and go do my own thing, locking my Gym up behind me.

Or I'd leave someone I think is capable enough to take my place until I return, and give them the authority to award Badges to those who beat him/her.

But I'd still want to be Champion. From what I've seen in every Pokemon game, the Champion seems to have A LOT of free time on their hands! For example, we have Lance in G/S/C dealing with Team Rocket and the Red Gyarados crisis. Then we have Steven in R/S/E doing who knows what, all the while trying to be fucking cryptic (He's only the Champion in Ruby and Sapphire, not in Emerald, sadly. I like him better than derpWallace). Then in D/P/Pt, we have Cynthia doing as she pleases, and no one stops her 'cause she's hot.

Clearly, Champions are less responsible than Gym Leaders, 'cause no one seems to be capable enough to beat the fucking Elite Four. I mean, what if I beat the Elite Four, then got an "Oh sorry the Champion isn't here right now bro. Come back again some time!" I'D HUNT THEM DOWN AND BEAT THEM TO A BLOODY PULP.

It's because.... well. If the gym leaders did everything, what would the trainers have to do? Clearly the gym leaders can't be expected to give much of a damn. Team whatever usually takes over half the world before just one of them cares c_c;
Lol but they just sit on their asses while Team Rocket and the others were out up to no good in the surrounding areas? That's weak letting them run amok in your city and leaving it to some random people or E-4 members to clean up the mess. Least the newer games fixed that for the most part.

I'd use Bug. Not the weak sauce ones you'd get early game though. More evolved ones like say, Volcarona. To make a challenging bug type gym for a change too.

6-8, just as an excuse to have the most highly evolved Pokemon I can get without using gameshark like Lance and a few others have.

The trainers? Ace trainers, Pokemon Rangers, only a few Veterans. No Bug catchers since it wouldn't be an amateurish bug gym. :P

The gym, it'd be like an in-door forest. Have to use cut inside it to find some switches hidden under the grass to open some gates to progress. There'd be trainers mostly around the gates though. Wouldn't be that difficult but would really give a purpose towards being able to cut basic grass.

As for the main story line, yeah I'd be in. Just not a huge role, not gonna directly team up with the player character but would assist in dealing with the problems in or around the city and show up to confront the evil team at some point. Maybe supply some items to the player though too.

Gotta have priorities, if some nut job team is out there trying to seriously screw up the world ya gotta do what you can to help. What's the point of gym responsibilities or care taking if these nut jobs flood the world, run a Pokemon mafia all around freely, destroy the world and create a new one, etc. :P
I personally would get involved with the main story just to give the player a lesson about patience and how to find an answer in a hot situation. I'd also think of either pairing up with the main hero or one of their rivals to help out in a situation. If I think about it, and it were my job, I'd of course watch over my city, watch over the people the visit my city, and most of all, keep troublemakers from causing trouble in the most effecient way possible.

But what Weavel said about items also gave me another question to ask all of you. What sort of TM would you like to give to the player? The requirements for a TM is at least two poke'mon, one being the main one, has to know the move and it has to be a move specified to your gym type. So for instance, I am an Ice type leader and most of my poke'mon would know Ice Beam. Thus I'd give them Ice Beam. I would choose that move simply because it is one of the best most reliable ice moves out there.
Well, if any move could be a TM, then I'd probably give them an overpowered and/or reliable move, being the last Gym Leader. Probably a Dragon move, since Tyranitar would be my main. Although, in retrospect, I may go for a mixed type Gym.

In either case, either Earthquake, Draco Meteor, Psychic, Zen Headbutt, Rock Slide, or any other move like those. Basically, the most reliable move for a certain type. I might give the trainer a choice, even, by asking them what type of move they want.
Hmm - I'd want to give them either fire blast or flamethrower...
So what's up with everyone not wanting to be part of the main story? Is it because you all are trying to be overly humble, is your gym leader position making you lazy, or do you feel like you came down with an overpowering syndrome? (keeps conversation going)

I just see myself as being a reserved sort of gym leader. And I wouldn't really care about the main hero. >__>; If I were to support ANYONE, I'd probably take the evil side. I'm dark, after all! Muahaha.

As for TM... Probably Thief. Not an impressive move, I know, but I find it useful myself in battle. You never know what you might take from the victim. I love teaching it to my Pokemon.
My personal TM of choice for water type would be water pulse! It's great cause it has that chance of confusion! :D If I were a ghost type gym it'd be shadow ball!
U-Turn for my TM, very useful utility move for a free switch... Also will HURT if it's a Scizor or a physical bug using it. :P

X-Scissor as an alternative, but eh U-Turn is just more useful I find.