If you were a band, why would the band break up?


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From my uninsightful survey.

If you were a band, of any genre(the question is not what genre you are), why would the band break up? Creative differences? Lose half the members to drug overdoses? Everyone's boinking everyone else and it turns into a tangled love web?

For me, I'd say one of the band members would get depressed and the band would drift apart and everyone would have a short solo career before coming back together twenty or thirty years later.


Probably something similar to the blink-182 situation. The band has personality clashes, talks about splitting up to do their own thing, etc etc. So much greed, so much desire that not everyone can agree on. So we'd split apart, one or two of them being their own thing. Everyone loses sight of what's really important: the bond of friendship.

Some years later... A member of the band dies (probably the least selfish one) in a tragic accident. Whilst mourning the band member's death, the group becomes close again and goes back to making music together.

*solemn nod*

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All the members would probably argue on which type of music to play, and if it should be played first. Because of so many conflicting desires, they'd all break up and do their own thing. But over time, they'd miss what the others brought to the table, and come back together, realizing that they can all do their own thing with everyone else, and that there's no need to do anything in any order, and just play what they feel, and when they feel it.

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Poor leadership.

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Artistic differences concerning what we'd want to play, arguments with record labels over artistic direction, our lives outside of the band, and probably our difficulty with balancing said lives with our musical lives.


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After becoming super famous and popular, the over indulgence in to food, booze, and possibly drugs would be our inev itable downfall as one or more members succumb to it. D: We'd break up to do solo careers after one of the members die, because we could face going on as a band without them. ;__;


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I'd outshine everyone else so that the other members aren't even known and I strike out on my solo career.

...Yeah I'll go with that one. *strokes ego*