If you had to cut off a part of your body?

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  1. If you had to. Think of it like the SAW movies. You have to cut off something.

    Oh, and don't say fingers or toes. Unless it's your big toe. Or your thumb.

    Me? I'd have to say my right leg. Yes. It's my dominant leg, but also, it's the one with the most problems.
  2. Name: Lunette Nikelle
    Nickname: Luna
    Age: 18 (Recently turned 18)
    Appearance: (open)
    Luna had a fragile looking body type. Although it has improved in the last year or so. But no one would deny that she had one of the best bodies at school. No, she was not the most curvy, but she had everything else going for her. Flawless skin, beautiful dark blue eyes like the ocean depths, even her brown hair was the right shade to almost appear a silky soft silver. She did keep her hair short, and neck-length hair may be a turn off for some people. Past her hair though, even her facial features, and other features seem perfect. For example she had a small nose, but it was perfectly lined up with the rest of her face, not bent or oddly shape, and since it was not large it made her eyes and mouth more noticeable. She was a little short though, but her legs a least gave off the impression they were longer than others around her height. And her breasts, and ass were curvy enough to cup, and check out. So yes, she mostly had B cups through high school but recently she had a last growth spurt that put her in the C cup range, but even before that a small chest was better than being flat. Overall, what flaws she did have seemed to add onto her appearance, and not take anything away from it.

    Yes, some jealous girls may think she was more cute than hot. But what they failed to realize was, yes, a guy may focus on a larger pair of tits if they caught a look at them, but with Luna? Everywhere she walks she easily draws attention due to her 'pros' not just being one spot, but her overall entire body. And like her boyfriend knew, she could be sexy when she wants. She had to keep in shape for her cheerleading afterall. Her boyfriend certainly was not complaining when they go on dates. She could be such a tease when she wanted to make her boyfriend blush. As someone could see just by watching her over a period of time, but she was willing to wear just about anything from dresses to tank tops and skirts to sweaters, and other clothing. Sometimes she wore undergarments, but other times she went without to tease her boyfriend or others. Luna was not a virgin, and was a bit more experienced than what she was comfortable talking about, but despite what her rival thought....Luna was actually Bi-sexual, not just straight. But the fact she had slept with a girl or two was something only a few knew. As that was something she did not want getting around at school.
    Bio: (open)
    Luna was proud to show off her home, and family to others at school. She lived in a lovely and fancy two-floor brick home, with a large front yard, and a even bigger back yard. There was even a swimming pool built into the backyard with pavement around it. Her father was on the school board and worked part time as a fishman, and her mother was a ranking police officer. That meant they may not be filthy rich, but they had a better living than the average person. Her parents were great, and the only con was them working so much meant they were not home most of the day. Though, considering her father was on the school board, and her mother was in law enforcement...some of the things she did were kept from her parents. She could not exactly tell them she lost her virginity in a three-way at the age of 14, or that she had 3 girlfriends, and 6 boyfriends since then. She especially lied, and told her father those rumors were just rumors as she was not going to admit that she had sex with six different boys during that party last year. As that was when the worse rumors started to go around, and get his attention. But that was what she gets for letting some people talk her into drinking for once. She was obviously not a very good drunk.

    She did not like the crack her boyfriend made about how she was a very 'horny' drunk. Not that she expected less, Tristan, was a major horn dog, and loved the fact his girlfreind let him fuck her regularly. She doubted he would be so happy with her if he found out that his younger sister was one of her 3 girlfriends in the past. Though she did think it was sweet that Tristan had a crush on her in middle school, and once Emma was 14 year old, and thus a teenager that started to develop hormones and such, well she decided to 'test' her older brother's crush, and ....well Luna gained Emma's approved by the time they broke up. She only been dating Tristan for 8 months or so now with him being one of the boys she had sex with during last year's main party. Emma was currently 16 or so now. Past her boyfriend, and her boyfriend's sister....well she had a crush on a girl named Yura when she was in middle-school herself, but since Luna had been in a relationship throughout most of her teenage years....well she can't exactly ask a girl out if she was already dating another girl or boy. It did not help that Luna could not swim, but not because she was afraid of the water, but because she just never could pick up how to swim. Some freinds tried to teach her, but it never worked out. She liked to go to the beach still, and just watch the water though.

    Why did this not help? Cause it meant she was jealous of her crush. Yura not only had a body that made many consider her the number 1 hottest girl in the school while Luna was just one of the best, but not the best. And Yura not only could swim, but swim so great she eventually became the captain of the swim team, and was going into tournaments for the school. Luckily, popularity counted looks, but not just looks. So Luna just had to be more social, more 'fun' to be around, and join another popular club like the cheerleaders to rival her crush in the school. Unfortunately a few boys she slept with to make sure she remain popular, and she regretted it. But it was not like she could go back, and tell herself to fuck this one for the great sex, you like this one but it wont work out, and not to touch these others. Since she had only a few she did not regret, and the others..not so much. To make matters worse, her crush, started to insult her back. Since then, Luna always regretted acting how she did towards her crush. She thought if she insulted Yura that no one would realize she had a crush on the other girl, and it gave her a excuse if she was ever caught looking at Yura. It also helped her vent out some of her frustration over not being able to swim yet Yura was basically showing off by going to those tournaments.

    Now she was usually dating someone, but it was not something she went around talking about. She especially made sure her dating a girl was seen as 'taking time off from dating' and not her actually dating someone. Her most public-recognize boyfriend was her current one with Tristan, and that was because he was the Captain of the Tennis Team, and one of the few that could challenge Yura at swimming, but he had no interest in making a career out of it, or going to tournaments. Overall, to the rest of the school it was the 'king' and 'queen' dating. So it was one of the main things people talked about far as relationships going on. Still, it did not escape her notice that Yura tended to get the most upset when she is seen doing something with Tristan, or someone is talking about her relationship. It made her think back to the past, and how Yura had only really seem hateful to her after it got out she was not just dating, but having sex such as with one her past public-boyfriends, Jin. It was one of her main mistakes as she had been only 15 then, and he was already 18 then...so it quickly caught attention when seen with a older guy.

    One of the rumors about Yura was that she was lesbian, and Luna knew from personal experience that rumors got twisted, but tended to have some hint of truth to them, and the fact Yura kissed her in the past only reinforced it. She had not think much about it since Yura had been 'testing' her kissing skills on everyone it seemed. But....did Yura have a crush on her back? That got Luna depressed for a few days as with Yura calling her things like a 'cum dumpster' it was obviously Yura no longer had that crush on her. Yura probably was only still getting upset because Luna was a constant reminder about how she had hoped for a relationship only for Luna to sleep around like a whore. Their rivalry had been going on so long that she would not be surprised if she said some things that actually hurt Yura, and made her crush actually hate her. Yura tend to focus on the fact Luna was dating people, and had in the past so clearly was living up to the reputation cheerleaders tend to get, or a least the one movies tend to give the head cheerleader. Luna herself avoided talking about Yura being a lesbian at all cost. That was not a conversation she wanted to even be brought up around her when she was dealing with her crush.

    Instead, she focus more on things like Yura's career, and body. A perfect example was Luna saying out loud 'I wonder how Yura so good at swimming? Those globes should be slowing her down?' with her having mixed feelings about that comment because she knew it open up to others wondering if she was jealous due to her own breasts being smaller, and realistically she knew that while Yura never said anything, but she figured the girl was self-conscious about her body. Could she be wrong? Maybe, but she doubted it. It was one of the ways she teased/bullied Yura back as Yura calls her a whore, and Luna would comment on the fact that with a body like that the only thing she would be good at is being a whore, and the fact her future career was being half naked in front of people did not really help any. The actual bully part of that was her talking about the fact Yura refused to date a guy, and that it was probably because the only boy interesting in her would be due to her body. Along with commenting on how Yura was making a career around being half-dress in water. Although Luna tended to get nervious saying that as it was approaching the lesbian waters, and bringing that fact up. She also would comment on how Yura probably fear becoming a whore herself due to how many males would love to make her one. But that sounded too much like rape so she tried to avoid making that comment again.

    No, if she had to pick her favorite way of bullying, it would have to be making comments about Yura's body. It let her admire it, insult it at the same time so no one got suspicious, and hopefully made sure Yura never got even a hint that Luna was into females. Since unlike her own more fragile build, Yura was closer to a bodybuilder due to working up muscles while swimming. The only real fat on her body was her globe-like breasts. Yes, Luna had to possibly lift someone up while being a cheerleader, or lift another object. But weighing too much was a bad idea since some people would need to support you. Yura had to watch her weight also due to it slowing her down, but had more wiggle room as more muscle gave her the strength to go through the water, and blast off harder. It also help with her stamina, and durability, and ...well Luna knew that probably made Yura a great lover in bed. But that was not something Luna wanted to think about. Worse-case she could always comment on how Yura was a goody too shoes. Since going to parties, drinking, and so forth was what the popular teens tend to do, and while Yura may go to a party, but there was a difference in attending, and actually getting wild. Avoiding it may make Yura the better person, but doing so made Luna take the lead far as popularity goes.

    Now Luna was a senior, and graduation was not that far away. Yet she was having to spend her 'special' senior trip going to some stupid swim team tournament, and having to cheer her rival on. Not that her teachers realized she was upset. Regardless of her being jealous about Yura being able to swim so good...well she did have a crush on Yura still, and so if anything she cheer on Yura more than she did other people such as the football team. Still, she would be getting some revenge. She liked to steal Yura's food. Not only did it make her look more like a bully/rival to Yura, but she knew Yura's big secret...that she was a chef trapped in a swimmer's body! So rather Yura was in a cooking class, or brought her own food, or if she had to break in Yura's house, she got the food. Of course, she would not risk getting in trouble. So her breaking in was actually her making sure Yura was not home, and knocking so she could talk with Yura's parents, and play like one of her freinds, and rather one of them offered her some food made by one of them or Yura, or if she had to sneak some food...she got it.

    She could even ask the parents not to tell Yura she came by 'as she was embarrassed to admit she forgot Yura was doing this today and would not be home'. Other times she would 'talk' with the parents about something she thought she should say on Yura's behalf, and that she did not want Yura to know she said anything. That did have the strange side effect of her having to come up with some good excuses, and actually mentioning some important things to Yura's parents such as 'I doubt Yura said anything to you two, but ...well I saw her at school, and this other girl was teasing her about her outfit. I know thats teenagers being teenagers...but this time Yura looked a bit hurt. I thought I would come over, and see if you could get her a new outfit, and maybe would be willing to get rid of the old one' Of course she did not admit that girl had been one of her own freinds helping her bully Yura. Things did take a interesting turn though when she was asked for some 'advice' on what they should get their daughter, and so she got to choice some clothes she thought would look good on her crush! She was even the one to give the parents a necklace, and she told them to say they got it for Yura, not her. So now her crush was walking around with the necklace she picked out on her! Did...this make her like a secret girlfreind without Yura knowing it?
  3. Some how, I'm not surprised with your answer.
  4. I'm tempted to say head, or right testicle .... but I'd say left leg. never been right since the accident.

  6. Well, I can't cut OFF my uterus, otherwise that is what I'd pick. e.e;

    So I will go with my EARS. That'd look freakily cool. >:D
  7. Anya nods, "Not many people can do that spell. You need both sides to help for that. More if possible."
  8. Can I choose my right-leg, from the knee down?

    It's for the same reasons as you, TeeK. I've had problems with my right leg/knee since I was 7. It pops in/out, throbs painfully all the time... Yeah, fuck that leg.
  9. One eye. I have a spare.
  10. This ended up being long-winded and sad. I don't blame anyone who doesn't want to read it. It might even be better if you don't.

    Yesterday, I went to a "celebration of life" for my mom who died on June 4th. They call it a celebration of life because it's not supposed to be a sad affair, but obviously, it still feels like that. I didn't know most of the people who came by. I felt awkward and weird. I was told many times that "at least she's not suffering anymore" and I really wanted to see the good in that, but I don't know how to.

    I didn't get to say anything meaningful and when I talked to anyone about my mom, it was only brief. I want to say something, and I don't really have anyone at home to talk to about my feelings, so I wanted to say something here. I felt it was more appropriate than a blog post. I reposted the old messages because I didn't want this thread to be all about me. I'm sorry about that.

    Almost exactly ten years ago, my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer. I think this inspired her to turn her life around because I was only 15 then and she wanted to see me grow into something (jury's still out on that, sorry mom). I found some writings from her recently that I guess she started after the diagnosis. She probably wanted to start documenting her recovery, but the journal doesn't go for very long. In it, she said she was scared and that she didn't know what tomorrow would bring. A month later, she was much more hopeful:

    "Today is Sunday and I feel a lot better today. I planted some flowers and herbs. It was nice ... So for today I'm doing quite well so hopefully tomorrow I'll feel even better."

    My mom titled it "My Journey" and if on that day she started a journey, it was one that lasted ten years. I should be so thankful it was ten years and not five or even one. I should be, but I just wish I had one more.

    I've had to go over so many of my mom's old possessions in the last month and it astounds me the amount of medical paperwork she'd accumulated over the years. She went through chemo once and had half a lung removed, but still, she went to work as a waitress almost every day. My mom didn't drive, so she always had to walk to work. They discovered a brain aneurysm a few years later. She had surgery to remove that, and then the cancer returned again. Another round of chemo and it was over once again. My mom still continued to work.

    Two things then happened that I think started a countdown. One, my mom started getting a lot of pain in her back through herniated disks. She was put on pain medication that only got more and more intense and addictive. Second, she experienced a bad case of pneumonia that the doctors didn't catch right away, where there was so much liquid in her lungs that she wasn't getting oxygen to her brain and all her organs. She was in the hospital for weeks and put into a medically induced coma. We were told to prepare for the worst, but she pulled through. However, she had to be on an oxygen tank at all times from then on, which was the worst thing to ever happen to my mom. She couldn't work anymore and to go outside was so difficult for her. If you knew my mom, you knew she did not stop moving, and now here was a ball and chain that forced her to stop moving. So many days I would tell her she had to stop doing housework for us, but she would say she would go crazy if she didn't.

    I know my mom was depressed after this point. There were a few medical emergencies where my mom would stop breathing. Every time it was either an ambulance or a rushed hospital visit. So many nights, my dad or I would stay up with her to make sure she fell asleep properly. The last two years had been a blur of hospital visits. I knew the ball had to drop at some point, but my mom had so much fight in her. Even as her liver couldn't take the pain medication any longer, even as we were told she wasn't going to live, she bounced back again and again.

    I think the problem I'm having coming to terms with it is that I think we could have gotten the summer with her, or maybe even another year. My mom's memory wasn't doing so good thanks to all the times she had gone unconscious, and I doubt she was all there regardless. Her medication was labeled and she was supposed to take a certain kind but she took something wrong. Things just got really bad from there. The hospital had sent her home earlier than they said they would, which was barely a week after telling us she wasn't going to live and they turned out to be wrong. I didn't understand that, nor did I understand them having a "welcome home" nurse service who didn't show up because they expected my mom to book the nurse's time herself. I knew something was wrong that day but I didn't think much of it... we called the ambulance but maybe if we had driven her to the hospital ourselves it would have been quicker. Maybe if we had known what had happened in the immediate moment, things would have changed. I just don't know. All I know is I don't think it was her time yet, no matter how many times people tell me her suffering had ended. She would want to have kept fighting and living no matter what.

    I didn't have a plan when I started writing this so now it kind of is more about my mom's problems than her herself. But, I think this all drives home my point that she was the strongest woman I will ever know. She was incredibly interesting and outgoing, if all those people who were there to honor her that I didn't even know were any indication. She loved her family so much, she wrote and kept in contact with her family back home. We have so many letters she received from relatives I still don't know. She always had a story. Her life was so interesting, and one of my regrets is that I didn't write any of it down.

    I don't have a final message like the last time I wrote one of these, but what is there to say about cancer that hasn't already been said? I do want to shine a light on the fact that it was addiction that ended up hurting my mom the most in the end. Her liver couldn't take a pain medication she was addicted to, and even as they tried to change it to something else, it shut down her body. Addiction is a horrible medical condition because it traps the afflicted. My mom was addicted to cigarettes all her life and there's no doubt that it contributed to the cancer. I don't blame my mom because I knew she couldn't help it. At least she quit after the cancer came.

    All I can really say is, I will miss her so much. I'm so sorry to her that I wasn't a better person before she went. I hope everyone who has gone through something similar is able to cope in whatever way they can.

    Obituary of Gertrude Hanlon | Simcoe Funeral Home
  11. Oh, God. I wouldn't dare. I would already get a little bit nauseous upon seeing a paper-cut, let alone a whole slice of gore off my own feet.

    I choose my big toe. <.<
  12. My left hand, if I can't get away with just a few fingers. My right hand is prettier.

    Seriously, it's lithe.

    (Nothing to do with masturbation. No, seriously, I just like my right hand.)
  13. I almost said my nose, sure you'd look hideous but you would only lose the sense of smell, but then I realized that taste is interlocked with smell and I'm a lover of foods, no I'm not fat! So I think I'd have to go with a foot. Either one really.
  14. Good choices!
  15. If you sacrifice a limb it INSTANT cool stories you can make up about how you lost it =D and handicapped parking spaces =D and global nuclear war =D
  16. Awww, no more limb-cutting?
  17. [​IMG]

    Because I need my hands to play guitar.
  18. ears.

    if i had to cut my own flesh, i'd try and do a chopper read.
  19. Ok, so another Van Gogh.

  20. Left foot; gimme a magic leg and I'd be good to go.

    Or my left eye, thing is damn near blind, anyway.