If you had to cut off a part of your body?

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If you had to. Think of it like the SAW movies. You have to cut off something.

Oh, and don't say fingers or toes. Unless it's your big toe. Or your thumb.

Me? I'd have to say my right leg. Yes. It's my dominant leg, but also, it's the one with the most problems.
As weird as this might sound... I'd say my eyes. I'd be perfectly content to listen to the Music of Life all around me.
Some how, I'm not surprised with your answer.
I'm tempted to say head, or right testicle .... but I'd say left leg. never been right since the accident.

Well, I can't cut OFF my uterus, otherwise that is what I'd pick. e.e;

So I will go with my EARS. That'd look freakily cool. >:D
Well, if it would get sewed up right after I cut it... I would choose to cut off my tongue. It would be up there with cutting off a limb since it's so painful, and I would still retain my more vital bodily functions.

Plus it would be, as Diana said it herself, freakishly cool.
Can I choose my right-leg, from the knee down?

It's for the same reasons as you, TeeK. I've had problems with my right leg/knee since I was 7. It pops in/out, throbs painfully all the time... Yeah, fuck that leg.
Good ideas, guys.... or... good... thingies...
Oh, God. I wouldn't dare. I would already get a little bit nauseous upon seeing a paper-cut, let alone a whole slice of gore off my own feet.

I choose my big toe. <.<
My left hand, if I can't get away with just a few fingers. My right hand is prettier.

Seriously, it's lithe.

(Nothing to do with masturbation. No, seriously, I just like my right hand.)
I almost said my nose, sure you'd look hideous but you would only lose the sense of smell, but then I realized that taste is interlocked with smell and I'm a lover of foods, no I'm not fat! So I think I'd have to go with a foot. Either one really.
Good choices!
If you sacrifice a limb it INSTANT cool stories you can make up about how you lost it =D and handicapped parking spaces =D and global nuclear war =D
Awww, no more limb-cutting?

Because I need my hands to play guitar.

if i had to cut my own flesh, i'd try and do a chopper read.
Ok, so another Van Gogh.

Left foot; gimme a magic leg and I'd be good to go.

Or my left eye, thing is damn near blind, anyway.