If you could live at any home in a television series, which would you pick?

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  1. We know there are different types of homes on tv, from the "perfect" family, to the wacky ones filled with insane personalities. The question is, which one would you choose, and why?
  2. I want to live in the penthouse apartment with the people in iCarly. o__o That looks like a lot of fun and would always be a joy!
  3. Twilight Zone.

    *Creepy Rod Serling smile*

  4. "I don't like it."
  5. Hmmm....Family Guy. I'd take Meg's place, XD.
  6. "Tell that to Diane."
  7. "That girl is just like her mother. She has everyone wrapped around her 'innocent' little fingers."
  8. "She also comes from a linage of servitude.."
  9. Harry Dresden's apartment. and i want his jeep too.
  10. Richie Rich's mansion?

    Maybe Scrooge McDuck's...