If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

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  1. I felt like I'd been posting in a few too many serious topics in the General section lately, so I wanted to lighten the mood a little.

    If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

    I'd want to be a telekinetic and be able to move things with my mind. It just seems so handy. I imagine I'd be like a super-mom, cooking, doing laundry and changing diapers all at the same time while I'm just sitting in the center of it all lol. Plus, if I could move myself with my mind as well, then I'd be able to levitate, which would also be pretty awesome.
  2. I want the ability to talk to electronics. I can learn what replacements my computer needs just by asking him. :P Plus, it would be neat to ask machines to do my bidding. They're invented to obey, after all.
  3. That is a really interesting one! I was expecting one of the first responses to be like... flight, or invisibility.

    But how would it work? What if the piece of electronics is old or not that powerful? Does it talk in broken sentences? Would it even understand you? Lol
  4. I want the power to pull any object I see out of a picture in a magazine. O_O Food.. shinies.... FOOD.
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  5. The power to refill things.

    Empty drink? Refill it.
    Car out of petrol? Refill it.
    Power armour out of juice? Refill it.
    Enemy chasing towards you with an empty bladder? Refill it.
  6. To be able to see on more wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. Human beings absorb visible light, colors. But other wavelengths of light radiation include infrared, ultraviolet, and X-Rays.
  7. If anything, the ability to manipulate space would be fun.

    Oh I could see it now.
  8. I've said it before, and I'll say it again.

    Telekinesis, bitches.

    Just think about it. Don't want to lift all that heavy shit up a flight of stairs to your flat? Levitate that shit with your brain, son. Some cagey asshole giving you trouble when you're walking home at night? Send him on a speed-date with the fucking wall with naught but an angry look. Think those birds have been lording it over everyone for way too long with that whole flying stunt? Demonstrate some Darwinian superiority by lifting your ass into the air with your mind. Fancy a career as a supercriminal? Rob banks without ever even firing a bullet; all you need is a snazzy suit, a mask, and your head.

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  9. I would want the ability to create anything I could imagine just via sheer willpower. Only the things I really wanted to exist, mind you.
  10. Teleportation. Just AWESOME.
  11. Haha, yeah, I'm a weirdo. <3 So expect my answers to be weird.

    This explains some of how the power works. Like it says in that link, the role of the person who communicates with the tech is a living, breathing, wireless computer. Any electronics I'm within a certain range of can be commanded, talked to, whatever. :] There are different ways it can work, I think. I imagine it differently than others do. My idea is influenced by different characters I've read about and seen on TV, too.

    I never considered the other questions relating to their ages, though! I imagine that the old and obsolete ones would still have wisdom for me, at the least. Their language might even be more ancient. o: ... Crap, now I'm developing a new roleplay character.
  12. This...I think this would even out do telekinesis, in the simple sense of I could just go to that thing I wanted to bring to me. Even though the whole throwing the asshole to the wall thing would be waaay more amusing then just leaving the sketchy situation. But still, going anywhere whenever I wanted sounds nice!
  13. Adoptive Muscle Memory.

    I would love to be able to just watch someone do something and then be able to replicate the action.
  14. X-ray vision so I can creep on all the hotties.
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  15. Wouldn't you just see their skeletons?
  16. Hush with your logic, Fatal.

    Let him dream.
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  17. Who said I don't want to see their skeletons?

    Maybe that's my thing.
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  18. I wouldn't mind being able to talk to animals... Then I would know why the hell my kitten feels the need to play with my face at 5:30am... >_<
  19. I used to think healing would be the perfect super power! But the more I look at my life, the more I think need something different. I think I need speed. Whether its super speed or just running speed, I want the ability to run down a road so fast that everything becomes a blur.
  20. The ability to speak and comprehend every language.