If You Break The Inner Shell... Will You Like What's At The Core?

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  1. Name: Hatsumi Fujita
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: (coming soon)

    Biography: Hatsumi Fujita is an odd child granted with psychic abilities. Her mother died when she was just ten years old and was left with an encrypted flash drive known as Project X. Her mother's death was written off as a murder though no one really has any leads as to who murdered her or how they did so. Hatsumi had been under the impression that her mother had died as a result from the car accident. However, anyone who has any leads has been keeping quiet.

    Hatsumi has lived all seventeen years of her life keeping her psychic abilities under wraps. She only uses them for training so that she will not lose the ability upon aging. Hatsumi is a bit of a loner and doesn't really enjoy classic conversation, often preferring to engage herself in a good debate. She's incredibly smart with the slight ability to detect another person presence and an enhanced vision often seeing things that others would often miss. Though she never mentions having an ability of the sort.

    There is one place that has an incredibly large amount of information about her and it's held at the facility that her mother used to work at. It's a high school now for the gifted. Though gifted is hardly the word at this point, seeing as there is something special about nearly every kid that attends the school. Not many kids go to the high school given the number of rumors that are spread about it, but none the less it's a widely known and rich school.

    Hatsumi doesn't currently go to this high school. She attends a public school that isn't in the least bit of challenge for her.

    Hatsumi was on her way home from school. The streets were quiet except for the occasional dog bark or car driving down the street. She was rather exhausted from a rather banal day at school. Today had been quite unproductive and she had learned close nothing than more than she already did. As much as she'd prefer to skip school altogether, the curriculum just wouldn't allow it. With all the homework that was assigned, she just couldn't put for the effort. Of course her grades were always up to scale, surpassing even the smartest of her class though being psychic helped with that. Often finding out about tests before they were even announced. It was the same with homework as well.

    Today in particular, Hatsumi was feeling bothered by something. She couldn't exactly wrap her mind around it, but she assumed that with some close observation she would be able to figure out what it was. Now that she was thinking about it, today she would be visited by a representative from that private school everyone said was haunted. Though she believed it to be a rumor that had developed due to the two strange deaths that were linked with the school. In all honesty she found it to be nothing more than idle chit chat to be ignored and left alone.

    It was at this point that she collected her thoughts, realizing that she had not been given the place of meeting as far at the representative went. This worried her ever so slightly and she checked the clock knowing that it was nearing the time for the meeting. Hatsumi's expression remained quite unchanged as she stared through her glasses looking for anyone who might be here to see her. It wasn't as though Hatsumi needed glasses, but she didn't want anyone to find out about her vision so she wore them regardless. In short, Hatsumi sat on a park bench and waited.
  2. Today, like most days, had been a slow day. One spent wandering aimlessly around, casting off furtive glances, though keeping his eyes fixed firmly upon nothing in particular. he was a free spirit, the kind of person who would just wander from one problem to the next, not really concerned as to how what was solved unless it directly affected him. It was only natural that he was a little miffed at having to scout for the new recruit, one would imagine - and he was. With a childish look of irritation upon his features, he paced heedlessly about the area, sounds and sights only vaguely registering for him. It wasn't that he disliked work - he felt that everyone had to pull their weight in order to be a useful member of society, particularly his one. However, he did not expect to have been tasked with such a menial job. Nevertheless, he continued, and glanced about the area. One girl did manage to catch his eye - Hatsumi - but it was only a fleeting glance, and he noticed the vending machine next to her more. So, he paced over, and pondered his selection.

    He wasn't a particularly conspicuous character, by any means. Slightly taller than the established average, though not enough to really cause much attention to be drawn to him, his slender and slim frame seemed a more eye-catching prospect. Even if it wasn't particularly eye-catching. Mid-length hair of a dark brown hue made its way down his head, refusing to inhibit his sea-green eyes. A bored expression had embedded itself into his face now, reflected even in his eyes. In the way of clothing, he wore nothing particularly gaudy. His shirt was a little formal for casual clothing, even if it was made black to reflect that he was not at school. The jeans seemed to portray this better, however, in the sense that they seemed to have been rolled haphazardly up at the bottom, so that they did not encase his dirty-white trainers. All in all, he wasn't a particularly interesting person - the the average onlooker, anyway.
  3. Kyouzaki was on time as usual. He noticed the girl right away and seemed to almost be observing her a little too closely. The files said that her name was Hatsumi. He noticed the boy next to her, recognizing him, but the name had escaped his memory.

    "You're Hatsumi Narita, correct?" He asked, even though he knew the answer.

    The girl didn't seem to be interesting aside from the fact that she had looked some sense. The picture in the file had been rather misleading in that aspect.

    He stood in front of her eying the guy next to her. Was it possible that a second representative from the school had been sent to retrieve this girl. The boy was taller than average from what Kyouzaki could tell. Kyouzaki himself was average height and dressed from head to toe in black. His stare seemed cold and unforgiving. Hie eyes were the deepest blue one could imagine, that seemingly pierced into one's inner most thoughts. However, that was the case. He could read minds, given the fact that one wasn't psychic. Should someone hold a psychic ability, their mind was blank like a canvas that hadn't been painted on. It was for this reason that most people tried to avoid him, due to his rather unwelcoming appearance.

    After what he deemed to be a few seconds, Kyouzaki reverted his attention back to Hatsumi. Yet again, he seemed to be staring at her. Though upon closer inspection, one would notice that he blinked considerably less often than the average person.
  4. "Yes I'm Narita, Hatsumi." Hatsumi replied.

    Hatsumi was feeling rather uncomfortable as Kyouzaki approached her. She wondered why he felt such a need to stare at her like he was doing now. His eyes were not welcoming in the least and if anything, Hatsumi was tempted to leave altogether. However, she then remembered that this person may hold leads about her mother's murder in the first place. If this person knew her name, then there was no mistaking that he was obviously a representative from that school everyone said was cursed.

    Hatsumi herself was the average female as far a height went. However, her clothes gave one the impression that she was more interested in men's fashion rather than female fashion. She looked at the boy next to her, but only for a moment. His appearance wasn't necessarily eye catching, however the boy was attractive in her utmost opinion. Though that was besides the point. Her main focus was to see what exactly this person wanted and why he was so interested in her. It couldn't be that he knew about her abilities could it?
  5. His left ear twitched - he knew the name. And he was sure he knew the other voice speaking to her. However, though his movements became more tense and noticeably deliberated, he still kept himself facing the vending machine. He had no reason to introduce himself as a representative at that point, but he didn't trust the one speaking to her. It wasn't that he hated him, it was just that he always had an underlying feeling that he wasn't in anything for anyone's sake but himself. This notion was shaken off for the time being, however, as the distinctive clang of a can sounded, prompting him to reach down for it. He'd have to drink it slowly, and inconspicuously. Kyouzaki may recognize him, but Hatsumi would likely have no idea who he was.
  6. Kyouzaki recognized the boy immediately upon his sudden movement. The way he cautiously moved about.

    "We're both on the same mission! Quite rude of you to act like you don't care about the girl at all!" Kyouzaki suddenly boasted.

    Didn't he know that this girl held the locked files that would solve this seemingly endless mystery? He shrugged it off and kept his mind on the main goal which was getting Hatsumi to agree to attend to their school. His mind pulled for something that the girl to speak more. Kyouzaki cursed his natural need to be somewhat cruel, but he couldn't help it if the world was simply filled with incompetent people.

    "Look, I know about you, about what you can do. You've been hiding it for years." Kyouzaki said, again seeming to stare right into her mind. It was quite unsettling to most everyone. He was waiting for that change in expression. If she nearly flinched or started to look uncomfortable. He would know that this was the right girl and that soon all of the answers would be discovered and he could solve the mystery that seemed to taunt him with every breath he took.