If we were a movie~ & you joined the circus

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    If you joined the Circus, what Act would you Perform ?

    Would you be the grand master ring leader ?

    The trapeze artist fying through the air ?

    The ridiculously funny clown with the water-squirting flower ?

    Who would you be ? Why ?

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    Let's see, if I were in the circus I'd say I'd be the magician or something like that. The dude that does optical illusions because I like tricking people into thinking I did something beyond normal.
  3. MARCH 16, 2017

    "Are you all right?" Natalia asked in concern.

    Raven was pacing with uncharacteristic nervousness. In the few weeks that Sam had gotten to know her, he found Raven Tallwood to be every inch the Archmage's heir: a prodigy at magic, powerful, confident, and self-assured. Now, she looked like she was going to walk into the proverbial lion's den, hugging her elbows and drumming her fingers against them with impatience.

    Sam was reasonably certain that if he had offered her a cigarette, she would have burned through three of them in less than ten minutes.

    He laid a hand on her shoulder to stop her pacing. "Calm down, Raven," he advised gently. "What's wrong?"

    The brunette sighed and composed herself. "Sorry. Its my grandfather. Talking with him always make me feel...off."

    Natalia blinked. "Why? He's your family. I always feel warm and safe when I'm with Aunt Cherie."

    Raven scratched her cheek. "Yeah, Grandfather isn't very snuggly like that, sweetheart."

    "No," Sam agreed quietly, "he most certainly is not."

    The three stood in the hallway outside Thomas Aegil's office. The Archmage of the Ivory Tower had called upon them to finally meet them in person. Or, more specifically, to meet Natalia Elmore in person. Aegil, after all, already knew Sam and Raven.

    The door to the office opened of its own accord, animated by magic. The trio entered the large sanctum of the most powerful mage on the planet. Natalia was surprised by how spartan it was, given how everyone in the Tower seemed to both revere and fear the mighty Archmage.

    Two massive bookshelves stretched across two walls of the office, laden with neatly and categorically arranged books. A plain wooden desk sat near the back with a leather chair behind it, clearly comfortably worn from long use. Behind that was another wall, this time with shelves of magical artifacts, tools, and equipment, again neatly arranged. All of it was very academic in appearance, but nothing about the arrangement suggested personality or ownership. Except for the walls near the door.

    Next to the door itself, the walls were decorated with classical paintings or photographs of various mages within the Aegil clan and its splinter branch, the Tallwoods. Natalia's eye was drawn to the one photograph that was unlike the others. It was framed in glass, but the picture itself was yellowed at the edges from time. Natalia was about to look at the picture closer, but then she felt a commanding presence approach them.

    Thomas Aegil was nearly a century old, but while he clearly looked his age, he was far from decrepit. He loomed over the trio at just under two meters, all of it lean weight. He had a narrow frame with narrow shoulders and clad in a stark black coat and slacks with only a minimum of golden filigree to denote his station within the Tower. His severe ensemble matched his severe appearance: a wrinkled, weathered face with a hawkish nose, a neatly trimmed beard, and thinning hair that were both bone-white. His ice-blue eyes seemed to hold a perpetual glare.

    Natalia couldn't recall the last time she felt intimidated by anything, but Thomas Aegil was pretty close. She could feel the magic radiating off him. Unlike so many other mages she'd encountered at the Tower, this man seemed to match her own abilities the closest. There were no primitive spellbooks, incomplete formulae, or imperfect theories about this one. Lesser mages worked with mana. Thomas Aegil was like her: he commanded it.

    "Ah, welcome," the Archmage greeted with a friendly tone and a pleasant smile; neither reached his icy gaze. He strode over to Raven, clasping her shoulder and leaning in to kiss her on each cheek. Natalia noted how her friend stiffened uncomfortably at the touch. "My dear Raven. I must apologize for not talking with you sooner."

    "I didn't want to bother you, Grandfather," the brunette murmured softly, looking down at her feet. "I know you wanted to talk if I made progress in my research. Which I haven't," she added bitterly.

    Aegil's attention went from her to Natalia. "Ah, but you made progress in mine," he said elusively. Then he turned his gaze toward Sam. "And it seems the rumors are indeed true. The Skullman, returned from his wandering and the wars he continually fights. You'll forgive me if I don't shake your hand, Mr. Ebayan; I'm an old man and I rely on my magic far more than I did in my youth."

    Natalia noticed how Sam gave the Archmage a quick once-over, glancing at the old mage's hands, waist, and eyes in rapid succession. She realized he was looking to see if he was preparing any spells, completely by instinct. It told Natalia a great deal of how Sam rated Aegil's abilities if he was was immediately assessing him. "I somehow doubt you'd ever overly rely on anything, Lord Archmage," the former agent respectfully replied.

    Aegil gestured to the picture Natalia was looking at. "Noticed that old thing, did you?" He walked up to the faded photograph and sighed. A much-younger Aegil, clad in the uniform of the British Army, knelt in the mud of some battlefield, a smile of victory on his face. Kneeling beside him were an eclectic collection of comrades-in-arms: an Asian man even smaller than Sam in fatigues and wielding a pair of large knives at his belt; Matthew Phoenix in the uniform of the US Army; and Nathaniel Crippling in human form.

    "I know most of these people from Hushcobb," Natalia said.

    "Near the end of World War Two, Matthew Phoenix, Nathaniel Crippling, Rafael de la Cruz, and I were part of a secret task force called the Tomorrow Men," Aegil said, a small smile of memory crossing his stern features. "We were sent to defeat a cult and we succeeded. We had other missions after that, but the Tomorrow Men are long gone. All four of us left our legacy in Hushcobb. We founded the organization to combat supernatural threats like the one we bested during the war. If you think about it, much of what you all have now is because of the Tomorrow Men."

    Sam cut in, "Thank you for the history lesson, but if you don't mind, Lord Archmage -- why did you call us here? This isn't a social visit."

    Raven winced. Had she been anywhere but here, the brunette would have found Sam's straightforwardness attractive -- no one else had the balls to be borderline rude to Thomas Aegil -- but, damn it, she was standing right here and was well within the blast radius!

    If Aegil was offended, he didn't show it. "Always so direct, Skullman." Aegil seemed almost amused. "This is why Crossfire is Hushcobb's top agent and not you; you have all the diplomatic skills of an ape." He gestured to Natalia. "As for why I called you here: her."

    Natalia blinked and pointed at herself. "Me?"

    "Yes, my dear, you." Aegil walked a circle around her and Natalia suddenly felt like a deer being hunted by wolf. Aegil continued, "You no doubt have heard from others that you are, by far, the most powerful magic-user on record. If your professors' initial impressions are any indication, you are even stronger than my ancestor, Merlin. In fact, you're so powerful that your very presence caused disturbances in mana that could be felt half a world away."

    "Um...I'm sorry?"

    Aegil chuckled at her discomfort. It sounded like wind through dry leaves in a cemetery.

    Raven moved a little closer, planting herself nearer to Natalia in a protective manner. "She won't cause any problems, Grandfather. I promise."

    Aegil snapped that icy gaze on her; the alchemist flinched. "It is admirable to support your companions, Raven. However, it is more admirable to focus on your research. Pursuing this girl when you thought she was a mana disturbance capable of progressing your alchemy was the correct move. It was of the Old School. However, it is quite clear that she will not be of use to you in that capacity."

    "It doesn't matter," Raven argued. "She's my friend. She's even helped me out with some formulae earlier."

    Natalia grew worried, even as she grew more confused with the direction of the conversation. "Raven?" she asked plaintively.

    "Its okay, Natalia," the brunette reassured her quietly. "I got this."

    "Raven," Aegil said sternly. "I highly doubt this friendship will advance your alchemy further. However, I strongly believe Ms. Elmore can assist me with my research."

    "I thought so," the brunette muttered darkly.

    "Your research?" Natalia parroted.

    Aegil explained, "Thaumaturgy, Ms. Elmore. Literally, 'wonder-making.' The magical study of miracles. That is my research. I believe a young woman with your power can greatly advance this field of magic."

    "Well...." Natalia said, uncertainly. On the one hand, she wouldn't mind helping someone out with their research -- she was already giving Raven a few pointers -- but on the other hand....

    Raven was her friend. At the end of the day, Raven wasn't associating with Natalia solely for her research. The alchemist genuinely wanted Natalia to have a good experience at the Tower. She was looking out for her.

    Aegil? Aegil seemed like he was only out for himself.

    Sam stepped in. "She's working with Hushcobb already," he said. "I'm sure Director Ferrara will hand over any reports to a founding member of the organization."

    "Or she can simply work with me," Aegil replied, staring hard at Sam.

    The former agent held his ground. "I was requested to safeguard Ms. Elmore throughout her association with Hushcobb. That means I will accompany her on any dangerous assignments...and magical research has a tendency to be dangerous. And my presence tends to be dangerous to that research." He paused in a silent reminder of what his Empiric Field could do. "In case you've forgotten, Lord Archmage."

    The two exchanged unyielding glares for a long moment. Finally, Aegil stepped away. "Well, far be it from me to impose on Ms. Elmore's other responsibilities."

    Raven released a breath she didn't know she was holding, as well as Natalia's hand, which she didn't remember squeezing. Natalia didn't know entirely what was going on, but even she could tell that the undercurrents were tenuous. She stayed close to Raven. She shrank back even more as Aegil approached once again.

    "Perhaps you'll reconsider my offer of assisting me in thaumaturgy, Ms. Elmore," Aegil offered one last time, "but regardless, please enjoy your stay in my Tower. You show such promise, more so than any other mage here."

    He led the trio to the door and kindly opened it for them by hand. "You have two very good friends, Ms. Elmore," he said as they crossed the threshold. "I'm sure they will take good care of you."

    As the door closed, Raven linked an arm through Sam's. "Okay, not going to lie, watching you argue down my grandfather was sexy as hell."

    "Why? What's going on? What was that all about?" Natalia inquired, desperately trying to understand.

    Sam patted Raven's hand and then laid a gentle hand on Natalia's shoulder and explained, "I told you of mages of the Old School? The ones who put magic before everything else? Thomas Aegil is the mage of the Old School of his generation. That doesn't make him a bad person, but it does mean his priorities are very...focused."

    "All he wanted was my help," Natalia said. "Though...he didn't feel like how Raven feels when she wants it."

    "Its wise that you declined," the former agent said. "Mages of the Old School will do anything to advance their research. Aegil has hired me to kill renegades who experimented on women and children to further the study of healing, or butchered entire populations of animals to build the perfect chimera, or poisoned an entire neighborhood just to test their latest concoction."

    "That's awful!"

    He nodded. "It is. But its also effective. The Tower knows so much because of these atrocities. But the Old School is slowly fading away. Fewer mages want to sacrifice their morals for their magic. I think -- and I'm sure Raven agrees -- the time of the Old School has passed. Their practitioners just need to realize it."

    "Do you...do you think Aegil's dangerous?" Natalia asked quietly.

    Sam paused. "Yes. He is. But not in the way you think. The Archmage is dangerous the way I'm dangerous."

    "But you're not a bad guy!"

    "No, but every mage here is wary of me. The same applies to the Archmage. I don't think he'd do anything to hurt you. Aegil's ambitious, but he also cares for the students of the Tower. And you're a student now. I believe he was sincere about asking for your help in his research. That being said, you shouldn't agree to it until you think you can personally trust him."

    Natalia was quiet as they left the office and exited into the sunshine beating down on the campus grounds. "Do you trust him, Sam?"

    He didn't answer.


    MARCH 20, 2017

    "All right, seriously."

    Sam ducked under one of Crossfire's hooks and came back up with an uppercut followed by a lightning-fast overhand cross into the other man's eye. Sam was wearing his gi, while Crossfire wore workout sweats.

    "You've got access to Hushcobb's super teleportation science and you're friends with the one spellcaster on the planet capable of overriding your Empiric Field."

    Crossfire made a valiant attempt at countering with a combination of punches and kicks, but Sam shifted back a step and then cut forward at an angle, throwing a hook into Crossfire's face as he passed his open side. The marksman cursed in annoyance.

    "So, my question is: why do you insist on taking so many flights to and from Hushcobb? I mean, the jet lag has got to be murder!"

    Sam looked at Raven, who was sitting on a bench at the end of the mat. Crossfire took advantage of the distraction and grappled him to the ground, took mount, and started dropping a barrage of punches down on him. Sam deflected what he could, accepted the hits he had to, and then trapped one of Crossfire's arms, bucked his hips, and rolled him over. Then Sam dug his elbows into Crossfire's thighs, pushed his legs down, and passed over into mount. Finally, Sam slid one arm behind Crossfire's neck, drove his shoulder into his face, and jammed his other fist into Crossfire's neck in an Ezekiel choke. The marksman tapped and the two fighters broke contact.

    He glared, rubbing his neck. "Sam, for the record: you're a dick."

    Sam shrugged. "I was always better at hand to hand and you were always better at shooting."

    "I meant the choke."

    Sam got up and gave his friend a hand up. Then he looked back toward Raven. "To answer your question, I don't like teleporting. Its...uncomfortable."

    Raven blinked. "But you don't move!"

    "That's the problem."

    She kept on blinking. "Okay, whatever."

    "Um," Natalia piped up uncertainly from where she sat on the bench next to Raven. Both women were clad in athletic spandex, though Raven had the self-confidence to pull off only a sports bra, while Natalia wore a full shirt. "So...why did you guys ask us to train?"

    "You're both very good with magic," Sam said, "but even the best combat mages are vulnerable when they can't bring their power to bear."

    Natalia tilted her head. "I don't understand. I can always use my magic. I don't have to rely on material components like Raven."

    Raven elbowed her. "Rub it in, why don't you?"

    Sam leveled them both with a serious look. "And when you're asleep? Or drugged? Or drunk?" He showed them the back of his open hand. "Or if you're fighting me? Natalia can overpower my Empiric Field, but even her powers are weakened against me. Those are just a few scenarios I can think of where a mage would be at a disadvantage."

    Crossfire added, "I'd listen to him. Our job is taking out very powerful creatures because they can't be 'very powerful' every second of every day."

    "Guess you have point," Natalia conceded. She looked to Raven. "Um...you first?"

    The brunette raised her hands up in warding. "Uh-uh. I already sparred with him once."

    "Okay. Rock-paper-scissors, then?"

    "Seems the most equitable way to decide things. Best out of three!"

    Crossfire chuckled. "Cute. They're terrified of you."

    After a gamely and riveting match, fate decided Natalia would be Sam's first victim/student. He briefly ran through some basic punching, blocking, and weaving drills with the blonde and quickly ascertained that Natalia's greatest challenge would be her lack of endurance and physical fortitude. She was soon puffing away, gasping for breath.

    "Focus on your breath," Sam said as he continued to work her through the drills. However, he slowed their pace down. When Natalia's next punch turned sloppy, he firmly ordered, "Focus on technique. Complete the extension. Slow down. Breathe. Speed is not the game, here. Power is not the game. Finish each technique. Breathe."

    "I...I can't --"

    "No talking," he cut in. "Breathe," he said again. "Like with your magic. Breath is everything. Calm yourself with it. Focus with it. Just like when you use your powers. Breathe," he continued to repeat.

    This time, with the analogy to her magic set, Natalia was able to follow his instructions. She took in a breath through her nose and let it out her mouth, just like she did when she had to cast a strenuous spell.

    His words glided over her, a calming hymn as she continued to push through the workout. "There is no difference between how you approach magic and self-defense, Natalia. Breathe. They are different expressions of the same virtues. Both require discipline, focus. Breathe. Use the lessons you learned in magic and apply them here. Breathe."

    At last, Sam stepped away from the sweating and panting girl. She looked about ready to keel over, but heeded his words; her breath came in and out, slow and controlled. He nodded. "Good job." He gestured to the bench, to which she gratefully returned to and sat down like a dead weight.

    Raven groaned, recognizing that she was next. "Ah, shit. I'm dead, aren't I?"

    "And here I thought you'd like to get hot and sweaty with Sam," Crossfire quipped.


    MARCH 21, 2017

    Crippling looked up from where he was pouring over an old grimoire in the archives. He adjusted his glasses. "Well, well. Haven't seen you down here much."

    Sam strode in, hands tucked into the pockets of his worn jacket. "Been a little busy watching over the girls."

    "Imagine its a full-time job." Crippling tilted his head in inquiry. "Can I help you something, Sam?"

    "I'm just curious how your research into the Sanguinaar is going."

    "Ah, well, I'm actually about to meet with Director Ferrara, Eliza, Ruth, Karin, and Matthew about that very thing, among others," the werewolf admitted. Then he cast a keen eye upon Sam. "But I guess you already know that, if you're here."

    Sam shrugged. "Guilty as charged."

    "You know, Skullman, these meetings are invitation only," came a voice behind him. Ferrara, along with the others, walked in. He looked grumpy, as usual. "I don't recall emailing you one."

    "You're going to want me in on this meeting, Ferrara," Sam said. "I've only been watching Natalia for the last few weeks; my insight into her will be helpful, since she's a person of interest concerning the Sanguinaar."

    Ferrara grunted. "Fine," he conceded reluctantly, taking a seat at a large table nearby. The others joined him. "Let's get this underway. Dr. Landel, your findings on Hennessey and Elmore?"

    Eliza pulled up her notes on her tablet. "Erika --"

    "Hennessey," Ferrara insisted curtly.

    The doctor paused and sent him an imperceptible glare, but amended, "Ms. Hennessey seems to be a very brilliant young woman. Her four personalities are a defense mechanism against mental intrusion in the past. Her abilities as a mana-touched are versatile, including both physical and at-range attributes. With training, she may actually be a very useful asset."

    "Threat level?" Ferrara pressed.

    Matthew Phoenix interjected, "Its a bit premature to consign her to Inversion, Vincent." His tone carried the irritation of a long-drawn and old argument. He then addressed Eliza. "Any progress in her mental health?"

    She shook her head. "I've only had a few weeks. At best, I've only begun to make her multiple personalities feel positively inclined toward me and others. I think even Renegade thinks Erika is safe here, perhaps even among friends." She gave Ferrara a sideways glance. "Most of us, at any rate."

    "And what about Elmore?" Ferrara pressed.

    "Exposure to the Ivory Tower has been helpful for her," Eliza reported. "By all accounts, she is still quite shy, but is capable of controlling her impulses far better than before; she isn't throwing fire hydrants at our clerks anymore, for one thing. And she's even made her own friend in one of the other Tower students."

    "Fascinating, absolutely fascinating," the director said sarcastically. "We're watching children grow up in high school. Lovely."

    "Technically, the Ivory Tower also has college-level courses --" Eliza added.

    Ferrara growled, "I. Do not. Care." He looked at Sam. "And what of your 'insights,' Skullman?"

    Sam folded his arms across his chest. "Her more stable mental state is also giving her better control over her abilities." He showed off his open hand. "She was able to overpower my Empiric Field a few times."

    "She can use magic on you?" the director breathed in surprise.

    "And the longer she is exposed to a healthy environment, the more disciplined her control becomes," Sam continued. "In time, she'll have enough precision that she'll never be a threat."

    "That remains to be seen," Ferrara said. He looked to Crippling. "Updates on the Sanguinaar angle?"

    The librarian shook his head. "I've still got a few thousand years left to trawl through. But this cult is one of the most secretive we've ever encountered. Very little to go on."

    Ferrara very nearly fumed in annoyance, but turned to Karin and Ruth. "Let's hope you two are any better. Any word on Lorentz?"

    "Nothing," Ruth admitted with frustration. She and Karin had been doing their best to track the madman's movements, to no avail. "Its like he's simply vanished."

    Sam raised an eyebrow at Ruth's comment. Something about it tickled at the back of his head.

    "How can someone vanish off our radar?" Ferrara growled. "We're Hushcobb. We're the things that go bump in the night that scare the things that go bump in the night!"

    Sam rubbed his chin. Ruth noticed. She nudged him. "What's wrong?"

    "'How can someone vanish off Hushcobb's radar?'" Sam parroted to himself. To the rest, he said, louder, "The answer is in this room: me." The others looked at him. He clarified, "When I left, I knew Hushcobb and Specter's protocols inside and out and kept off the grid."

    "What are you saying?" Matthew pressed.

    "That Lorentz knows our operations as well as we do," Sam said with finality.

    "Impossible," Ferrara barked. "No one matching his description has ever been a recruit!"

    "Then did he work for Specter?" Ruth asked. "Like Sam said, they use similar methods. If he was Specter, he'd know how to dodge us, as well."

    "Unlikely," Karin surmised. "Jade Wilson would have told us."

    "How can you be certain? She's Specter," Ferrara countered.

    "I know my students, Director Ferrara," Karin said sternly. "Jade would have told us, because Lorentz is too dangerous allow free. Or breathing."

    "If he's neither Hushcobb nor Specter, then how could he have learned our methods?" Crippling asked.

    Sam laid out the only other possibility. "Someone in Hushcobb is helping him."


    MARCH 21, 2017

    Night had fallen over London and while the rest of the city was fast asleep, Thomas Aegil was awake and waiting in his office with a cup of early grey in hand. He had his chair angled to the window so that he could see the skyline. Old soldier's instincts, dulled by time and inaction but nevertheless present, alerted him to the soft footsteps approaching him.

    "I trust you didn't harm any of my security," Aegil said, turning his chair so that he could greet his guest.

    Lorentz's coat swished against his legs as he pulled up another chair and sat across Aegil's desk. "Of course not, old friend. Wouldn't do to break secrecy and get back on Hushcobb's radar by offing some poor sod on campus, would it?"

    "I am glad to see you've learned some discretion in the last twenty years," Aegil dryly said. He stood, went to a table of refreshments, and poured himself a fresh cup. "Tea?" he offered.

    "Brandy." Aegil brought Lorentz a stiff glass, who quaffed half its contents in a single go. "Ah! That hit the spot." He played with his glass as he said, "Now, I'm hearing that you got a chance to meet a certain ravishing young blonde. Care to kiss and tell?"

    "As your former mentor, I thought I taught you the value of discretion," Aegil said sharply. "The most wanted mage in the international magical community, daring to hold a meeting with me on my very doorstep? Lorentz, I knew you to be mad -- but not a fool!" By the end, Aegil's tone was harsh like gravel, a testimony to his rising anger.

    "You didn't have to meet with me, Thomas," Lorentz countered. "But you did. You know why? Because you know I get results. You see, I know you, old friend. Oh, yes, I know you very well."

    Aegil stonily said, "Please. Enlighten me."

    Lorentz leaned back in his chair with a smarmy grin. "Very well. I would guess that you met Ms. Elmore. And, upon meeting, you instantly recognized her for what she is: a sorcerer."

    Aegil's composure slipped, ever so slightly, as his lips barely lowered in a frown. But Lorentz was waiting for it. His grin widened. "You did see it, didn't you? Everyone else in the world has forgotten what a sorcerer looks like, forgotten the signs. She doesn't specialize in magic, she is magic. And you saw it. I would further deduce that you tried to recruit her. Perhaps to help you out in your research. Or perhaps you even flat out tried to vivisect her directly, but that kind of thing was never your style. You prefer the cloak to the dagger far too much."

    Lorentz finished the rest of his brandy before continuing, "But you know something, Thomas? For as barmy as she is, for as powerful as she is, Natalia Elmore is still a seventeen-year-old girl who probably hasn't so much as fucked a cucumber. Girl like that? She can smell selfish the way she can find unicorns. I'll bet she turned you down. And you're meeting here, with me, because you know I can get her to change her mind. Make her come crying to you to save her from the big bad wolf. And all she'd have to do is help you in your research."

    Lorentz gave Aegil a self-satisfied look. The archmage admitted, "A very accurate assessment, Lorentz. I see you remembered the lessons I taught you." He leaned across the desk, ice-blue eyes piercing into Lorentz's own gaze. "Now, my turn. I know you as well, my old apprentice. You've made no move against Natalia Elmore in weeks, even though you know where she is. The Sanguinaar have been silent, as well. I deduce that you are planning to keep her here, make it her one refuge in the storm you are undoubtedly about to bring to bear. I further deduce that you are going to bring hell on earth to convince her that the Tower is the only succor she will find, making it both her haven and her tomb, from which you will spring your trap. Finally, I deduce that Emily Sternit is fully in agreement with your plan. My only question: what do you want of me to make this happen?"

    "You're in agreement as well, then?" Lorentz asked.

    The archmage nodded. "Of course. Your plan is a sound one. And it will achieve all three parties' objectives: you will get your bloodshed, Sternit will have Elmore, and I will have my opportunity to study her. I ask again: what do you want of me?"

    Lorentz looked like the cat that ate the canary. "Well, old friend, since you asked...."
  4. Re: If we were a movie~

    Oo0oh... What does that tell me about your personality ?
    Why wouldn't you try being a clown ?

    HAHA LOL. EPIC yes :) What about being a trapeze artist. If you got the training for free, would you ? Why or why not ?
  5. Re: If we were a movie~

    For me constructing jokes is a bit of a foreign art. I really don't know where I'm coming from besides a few basics like the mayonaise milk story I told in the cbox. The magician relates to me simply because I like that kind of stuff. Sure people can preform trapeze triangles and ride on unicycles while juggling a bear, a third grader, and a stool. But for me, I like being intelligently advanced more than athletically.
  6. Re: If we were a movie~

    Weren't we a movie?

    You're confusing, young lady.
  7. Its from a song, "If we were a movie, you'd be the right guy...blahblah" I just tweaked it to being "If we were a movie, & you joined the circus." x)
  8. Oh.

    Well, I guess I'd be a... clown? Either that or the presenter guy who's always like "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PREPARE TO SEE THE MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING, HEARTBREAKING ACT OF YOUR LIVES"
  9. I would be the... GYPSY WOMAN that reads tarot cards and gives people their fortunes! I already do that in real life, doing it in the circus would just give me a cool costume! >:D
  12. Hmm, I'd most likely be the sad clown in one of those multiple clown acts...the guy that is PART of the joke instead of the cause for it. A (relatively) good sense of humor and a sense of self-reflection and relativity would probably be the merits that'd land me that job.
  13. I'd be the owner. I like to own things.
  14. I'd be making the balloon animals by day and be the circus accountant by night. I like kids and numbers.
  15. Knife/axe/chainsaw/ICBM thrower.

    I like sharp thinks and throwing them at people.
  16. I'd be the accounting clerk/inspector of sorts, complaining every time I'd find something not up to "my standards" and so on.

    And steps in as an extra clown when needed to.
  17. Okay circusfolks! We're having an awesome show, just as scheduled~ when the lion goes loose! And liontamer is nowhere to be found! What will you do?

    ***(you may still answer the topic question if you haven't ;])
  18. I'd be....I DUNNO.... T_T
    For the second question: Hmm... I'd try to get people away at the expense of my health. Lions terrify me. XP

    Tomorrow's headlines: 18-year old found mutilated under a circus tent!