If we were a movie~ & you joined the circus

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    If you joined the Circus, what Act would you Perform ?

    Would you be the grand master ring leader ?

    The trapeze artist fying through the air ?

    The ridiculously funny clown with the water-squirting flower ?

    Who would you be ? Why ?

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    Let's see, if I were in the circus I'd say I'd be the magician or something like that. The dude that does optical illusions because I like tricking people into thinking I did something beyond normal.
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    Except my peanuts would be dipped with butterscotch. And I would have an EPIC butterscotch gun.

    Or the musician. I can't play an instrument, but I would like to. Would help with the serenading metal.
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    Oo0oh... What does that tell me about your personality ?
    Why wouldn't you try being a clown ?

    HAHA LOL. EPIC yes :) What about being a trapeze artist. If you got the training for free, would you ? Why or why not ?
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    For me constructing jokes is a bit of a foreign art. I really don't know where I'm coming from besides a few basics like the mayonaise milk story I told in the cbox. The magician relates to me simply because I like that kind of stuff. Sure people can preform trapeze triangles and ride on unicycles while juggling a bear, a third grader, and a stool. But for me, I like being intelligently advanced more than athletically.
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    Weren't we a movie?

    You're confusing, young lady.
  7. Its from a song, "If we were a movie, you'd be the right guy...blahblah" I just tweaked it to being "If we were a movie, & you joined the circus." x)
  8. Oh.

    Well, I guess I'd be a... clown? Either that or the presenter guy who's always like "LADIES AND GENTLEMEN PREPARE TO SEE THE MOST AMAZING, INCREDIBLE, ASTOUNDING, HEARTBREAKING ACT OF YOUR LIVES"
  9. I would be the... GYPSY WOMAN that reads tarot cards and gives people their fortunes! I already do that in real life, doing it in the circus would just give me a cool costume! >:D
  12. Hmm, I'd most likely be the sad clown in one of those multiple clown acts...the guy that is PART of the joke instead of the cause for it. A (relatively) good sense of humor and a sense of self-reflection and relativity would probably be the merits that'd land me that job.
  13. I'd be the owner. I like to own things.
  14. I'd be making the balloon animals by day and be the circus accountant by night. I like kids and numbers.
  15. Knife/axe/chainsaw/ICBM thrower.

    I like sharp thinks and throwing them at people.
  16. I'd be the accounting clerk/inspector of sorts, complaining every time I'd find something not up to "my standards" and so on.

    And steps in as an extra clown when needed to.
  17. Okay circusfolks! We're having an awesome show, just as scheduled~ when the lion goes loose! And liontamer is nowhere to be found! What will you do?

    ***(you may still answer the topic question if you haven't ;])
  18. I'd be....I DUNNO.... T_T
    For the second question: Hmm... I'd try to get people away at the expense of my health. Lions terrify me. XP

    Tomorrow's headlines: 18-year old found mutilated under a circus tent!