If She Could Be Free

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  1. If you could know the pain you cause, standing there with her staring at me.

    I turn my head as quick as I lay my eyes on you, feeling the same agony I did from two years ago. Now you are here, a smile on your face. Your hand on her stomach as if protecting your future.

    You are.

    You come back here with her, the one you said was 'Only a friend', the one who took you from me because I couldn't give you what you wanted.

    Now I stand here, seeing her with what I had offered, given you gave me the time. I was young, a virgin, and you wanted more. I could have been her, I wanted to be her. But you chose her while with me and here we are.

    Here I am, feeling my most inner thoughts wrapping themselves around my throat, wanting to suffocate me until I do the same I did before. I don't want to, but it feels like I have no choice. Nothing seems okay anymore, why have you done this to me?

    I was happy with him, your old friend who doesn't know that I was once with you. I was happy living with him even when you invaded my dreams every night. I suffered through them and after a while they faded, leaving me dreamless and painless.

    I step into my hometown, the first few days were great. Then he told me you were here, he was genuinely happy to see you. My spirit faded. I didn't know why you had come back all of a sudden, but after seeing you with her I know.

    You came back to slowly and secretly kill me. You are my poison and I am your target. You look at me with strange eyes, leaving me with thoughts and wonders of what they mean. I am broken once again, feeling your stare every time I leave the safety of my house. You have driven past my house a lot, leaving me wondering what you plan on doing.

    Why must you do this? Why must you feel the need to come back and break my heart once again? You had your fun two years ago, why must you make those feelings of need and pain return with you?

    It isn't fair what you did and it isn't fair what you are doing. I did nothing to you, why must you choose to be my death?