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  1. "Hey! Hey! Come back here!" The girl screamed at the top of her lungs. She looked behind her at the monsters running forward. She began running as fast as she could, her heart throbbing and her lungs choking for air. She ran as fast as she could after the people in front of her but couldn't get them.

    She fell, her knees scraping on the ground beneath her. Her tattered jeans grew yet another hole and blood poured from her knees. She looked behind her at the half decayed monsters. They slowly moved toward her and she screamed, screamed her brains out, hoping someone would save her.
  2. As the others fled one individual stopped, stopped because he knew it would be wrong to just let her die! He looked at those who fled cowards and couldn't help but feel shame being those who just ran.

    True he has to no courage, but knew he would want someone to help him!

    Just before the creature could reach for the girl, the other leaps onto the creature with a roar of a lions.

    "G-Get going!" The other called, as he wrestled the monster.
  3. Tucker ran across the highway. The city was on the other side, and he'd needed supplies before he got back to the truck. He was a tall man, standing about six foot. He used to be a firefighter before the shit hit the fan, so he was pretty muscular. He had rough skin, used to roughing it around. His thick black hair was tied back into a bun, to keep it out of his face. Running along a building, he knew that one of those monsters could spot him at any moment. He missed the way things used to be like; civilized and well, things weren't trying to eat him at every turn.

    Hopping over a fence and running, he wasn't giving those creatures a chance to catch him. Tucker had been the only black firefighter in a small town, a town he'd grown up in. But that didn't matter to him, he was following his dream and wouldn't let anyone or anything deprive him of it. He felt sad that that dream was dead along with everyone now.

    He stopped, hearing somebody call for help. 'Probably too late,' he thought and continued on. By the time he got there, everyone would probably be dead. He hoped that they survived, but out here, you could never be too careful. He was looking after a school of children (there were only three left), and could not risk himself. He was out here for food and a couple blankets, he and his friend Dakota were the kids only chance to survive.
  4. She skidded up and ran, running around the building and running into a large man. She looked up at him, her anxiety freaking her out before she realized he wasn't a creature. She sucked in a breath and looked up at him, meeting his gaze. "Help me." She whispered, running back to the man who had saved her. She pulled a dagger out but the decaying creature pushed her away. The knife clattered to the ground and she jumped on it's back.

    The smell was terrible, almost making her puke. She gagged and got thrown off, falling on her back. She looked to the boy again who had tried to save her, motioning to her foot. Her dagger lay there, if he could only grab it he could punch it through the creatures brain and kill it.
  5. As she ran up, she scared him half to death. But he understood her; he was very pleased that she was alive. He wasn't trying to be a jerk and leave someone for dead; he figured that they were dead. Once attacked, you stood almost no chance of surviving. Reaching back and pulling out his bow, he attached an arrow and held aim. But they were rolling around too much; he could shoot without hitting the young man. Putting his bow down, he ran up and pulled at the monster, adrenalin pulsing through his veins. "I'll have em off ya in jus a second," he assured the boy. He was sure that he was older than him, he knew that he was bigger.
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