If Mario were released today

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  1. I thought this was funny

    People who game a lot might enjoy it also.


    Also a question: What do you miss most about 'old school' gaming?
  2. All the reasons why my facebook is never linked to anything I game with. In addition achievements are pretty stupid now-a-days, where are those promised "self-made" achievements, you know so you can make your own and see if you can do them rather than have these dumb ass ones in.

    For instance, back when Halo first came out and the community was moderately tolerable my friend and I challenged ourselves without a ridiculous prompt. For instance, jumping off a cliff and sticking a grunt while in campaign while the other gets a soda. Yeah those were the days.

    But what I really miss is being able to buy a game...yeah that's right you heard me, I wish I could buy a game. Nope they give me a teaser for 60$ and over time they drain another 40$ from you via DLC, Expansions, and other idiotic fees. Not only that but they want you to buy their specific "points" so they mask exactly how much stuff is so you lose count of how much you are paying. Hence why I just flat out stopped playing consoles altogether and really only play older games that have all their stuff out so you know how much you are paying.

    And one more thing, call me old fashioned, but I like playing my games. F*ck off with your in-game prompts about how to not die, about how to aim a gun, or about how jump...sheesh.
  3. Similar point raised here.

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  4. That reminds me of this:
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