If I were the devil.

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  1. I was told about this bit from an older fellow at work about a radio broadcaster way back when named Paul Harvey. I guess he's been dead for a decade now, but the words he spoke back in 1965 have essentially come to fruition. But of course times have changed though one can only wonder about how the times have changed and how much these words ring true to this very day. Ignore the annotations in the video, as this was one of the complete recordings of this I could find. Though this obviously has a Christian vibe to it, it does ring something about how morality of all things seems to be diminishing in this day in age.

    Give it a listen, it is an interesting piece.

    As a note this isn't here to be a major discussion about politics or debate, but to simply be a message of the times changing. If anything I'm curious as to what others opinions are about this particular segment and how these realities reflect onto your everyday life.
  2. I think the problem with pieces like these is, well, they think that whatever trends we see now are somehow special and new to this day and age. They aren't. They've been replicated throughout history, hundreds of times, the same changes in society's view of morality and of religion.

    Plato fully supported and argued frequently for the censorship of all art, from drama to poetry to painting, to only present the "good" side of the world, particularly to those still learning. He believed that certain notes of music should be banned, for they threw the soul into discord. He believed that these banned notes should only be played, and art depicting anything negative should only be shown, to young people once they were strong enough to survive exposure to evil, as a test of the strength of their character.

    Sound familiar? I won't go on and on, but I don't think the changes in our society noted in the video are anything new. What's unique about our situation now is largely to do with technology and globalisation, which are changing things... but not such things as are discussed in that video.
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