If I Were a Dessert

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    If you were a dessert, what would you be and WHY?
  2. I'd be a chocolate fudge brownie with almonds and caramel soaked intot he batter tot he point of it bursting!

    Why: it is the ONLY dessert that i can eat that doesn't hurt my eyes when i eat it. Also because it had lots of thigns mixed into it and I feel that i'm a well mixed person

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  3. Nutella.

    Just Nutella.
  4. If I were a dessert...

    I'd be a blondie brownie! Because they are plain but sweet, you can dress them up but it doesn't disguise the fact they are so incredibly simple.
  5. Cheese cake with extra thick crust.

    Cause I'm the best.

    Why don't people who make cheese cake make the crust part thicker... If they did cheesecake would be a lot better, man.
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  6. I'd be a pot brownie, HEH HEH.

    *clears throat*

    I would be a dinosaur shaped sugar cookie with lots of sprinkles to fill in the color. Maybe there are some stripes and eyes added on with some icing. One of my nicknames in real life is 'Andisaurus', one of my names for my son is the name of that apatosaurus named Little Foot, and dinosaur cookies are cute (like me :3) sooo, it just works.
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  7. Lemon bar - Sweet & tart, well formed but a bit gooey.
  8. Dark chocolate brownie smothered in hot fudge and topped with a spoonful of french vanilla bean ice cream. Decadent and sinful. A contradiction or hot an cold.

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  9. Chocolate covered bacon.

    So wrong but so right.
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  10. Black coffee that comes with that weird spoon coated in some kinda sweet shit like chocolate or fondant to stir in.

    You choke down all that bitter before the spoon does its fuckin' job and by then your tongue has been deadened to every other flavor for like an hour.

    :B yey im participattin
  11. if i was a disster i would be..........
    hold on im thinking............(a very long puesa) im thinking
    got it i would be kindle sruprise and that cake thing that if it hears loud noes it deflates foutans something likt that

    kindle suprise becaues i have a sruprise waiti to come out everyday for my friends to see

    foutan it that whats it called becaues im faglie even the smalls thing (thats the noise part) can hurt me but i dont tand to show it though like foutan
  12. koeran patbingsoo!


    shaved ice, sweet red beans, sweet gelatinous rice squares (mochi), fruit, and syrup <3
    It's sweet, cold, tangy, and yummy! ;)
  13. I think I would be a double chocolate ice cream cake mixed with a little fruit.
  14. I'd be chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream with a waffle cone, sprinkles, and nuts.

    Choco & Vanilla - cause ima very white black chick~
    Sprinkles - cause i add a little sweetness to things i do