If I Made A Naruto Next Gen...???

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What kind of characters...?

  1. Canon Next Gen

  2. Original Next Gen

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  1. I've been considering making a naruto next gen rp, something a little more light hearted that might grow a little more serious as the characters grow and age.

    Would anyone here be interested in something like this? And if so Would you prefer it be using the pre-existing next gen characters or original next gen?
  2. I'm interested and original or preset next gen are good either way~
  3. I may be interested, it really all depends. Were you intending for this next generation to come from the exact ending of the series, or fom an Alternate Ending?
  4. I ended up being the tiniest bit impatient and have already made it, you can find it here and see for youself

  5. I will be withdrawing my interest then. Good luck.
  6. I understand! Thank you for checking it out!
  7. I'll make one soon!
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  8. *waves*