If I could be...

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  1. Melody stare at Melissa sleepily while Melissa kiss her stomach playfully.

    Harmony smile at both of them.
  2. ^^

    :P have fun on your post tomorrow
  3. "Maybe, maybe not."
  4. @Angry mob The update is coming please let me be
  5. I wish I was a real Kitsune. Come on, you guys had to have seen THAT coming....
  6. I'd be Teddy Roosevelt. I mean come on, the dude was so bad ass he could kill a bull by staring at it.
  8. The bull tried ramming itself into him. TR also created the best political party of all time in US history. The Bull Moose Party, he did it merely to troll the Left and Right.
  9. I want to be the thing that I dream about the most. *while I'm on the bus*

    My fursona of course but as of late he has become evil, but it isn’t like bad evil it is the good kind of evil like in Devil May Cry 4 or in Disgaea 3 where the good guys make evil look good.

    Kind of hard to explain but when ever he finds someone corrupt in power he will sprout his Demon wings and black will shroud the room locking anyone from getting in or out. Then he would kill or traumatize the person into leaving the area.

    Well it would be something like that if you are un sure to what I am trying to get you to picture in your head I will draw and show you all what I mean in my art thread.
  10. You mean anti-hero?

    fursona lolololol
  11. anyone who knows me already knows my answer, but for those who don't.
    Grey-Knight Grandmaster, you do not fuck with any equivalent chapter master ranked Space Marine...ever.

    Honestly though I'd probably stir up too much shit in the 40k universe on both sides to be allowed to live, Unless Inquisitor Lord Coteaz liked me, then I'd be good.

    There's a serious flaw in the mentality of all but select space marine chapters in 40k.
  12. I'm imagining us all in a room.

    Grandmaster would probably kill half of us. >.>

    What type of hero, Raz? You're a doctor already, right?
  13. heretic, mutants, xenos...yep about half is right.


  15. Why do you think I'm in the field?
  16. -1) A Headdliner
    1) A Cimmerian
    2) A Splinter Cell
    3) The Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster
    4) A Mechanist
    5) A McNinja

  17. Awww :33 Oniisama, don't be so snappy xD It was just a question xD

    I obviously want to be Card Captor Sakura, but am already, so BAH something else~

    Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles > a.k.a Tsubasa Li <3 I want to run around and fight creatures with Hein :D and make people awe when my sword bursts into flames. xD