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  1. I have always fought battles and smite'd foes in my mind since I was younger. The difference is now I do it in my mind during math class, instead of running about the house. I would imagine I was a Protoss Carrier captain, samurai(back when they were cool. DAMN PEASANT ARMIES AND POP CULTURE!! D:<), Terminator, Space Marine, all the current games and TV shows that contained action, imitated. Immature combat lust, sure, but I enjoyed it.

    What do you guys wish you could be, from any universe/dimension/magical academy?

    Recently, I've picked up a villlainy fascination born of fear of fear and powerlust, with some boredom of reality sprinkled for zest. So my top five remain:

    1. Zerg Cerebrate

    2. Tyranid Swarmlord(Yep, genetic perfection and personal power are my favorite attributes. I also like the tentacle arms and super-strength)

    3. Borg Assault Drone

    4. Ork

    5. Sorcerer(Elemental.)

    A single, Chaotic Neutral(the Sorcerer) and the rest were all Chaotic Evil or Chaotic Insane. I imagine I'll grow out of it.
  2. What do you guys wish you could be, from any universe/dimension/magical academy?

    .....I WANT TO BE A JEDI.

    Seriously. .___.; I went through a phrase where I was actually studying to be a Jedi. But then I got lazy. I would be an AWESOME Jedi!
  3. You'd be a god damn sith and you know it.
  5. I wish I was a real Kitsune. Come on, you guys had to have seen THAT coming....
  6. I'd be Teddy Roosevelt. I mean come on, the dude was so bad ass he could kill a bull by staring at it.
  8. The bull tried ramming itself into him. TR also created the best political party of all time in US history. The Bull Moose Party, he did it merely to troll the Left and Right.
  9. I want to be the thing that I dream about the most. *while I'm on the bus*

    My fursona of course but as of late he has become evil, but it isn’t like bad evil it is the good kind of evil like in Devil May Cry 4 or in Disgaea 3 where the good guys make evil look good.

    Kind of hard to explain but when ever he finds someone corrupt in power he will sprout his Demon wings and black will shroud the room locking anyone from getting in or out. Then he would kill or traumatize the person into leaving the area.

    Well it would be something like that if you are un sure to what I am trying to get you to picture in your head I will draw and show you all what I mean in my art thread.
  10. oh yeah and uhhh since you're back ya might wanna join the discord lol
  11. anyone who knows me already knows my answer, but for those who don't.
    Grey-Knight Grandmaster, you do not fuck with any equivalent chapter master ranked Space Marine...ever.

    Honestly though I'd probably stir up too much shit in the 40k universe on both sides to be allowed to live, Unless Inquisitor Lord Coteaz liked me, then I'd be good.

    There's a serious flaw in the mentality of all but select space marine chapters in 40k.
  12. Rowen Alvain

    Rowen chuckled briefly at the words of the Pendragon. Bound to the service of the Round Table Order as she was, Rowen couldn't pose a threat to the Templar Knights even if she wished. Her "mission" wouldn't allow for it. Though the interesting fact was that none of the other knights had apparently seen the outside world. She considered for a moment sharing how much of a mess it was, with Demons, ghosts, and all manor of creatures roaming around doing as they pleased. Rowen herself had seen the technological advancements in the cities. A black concrete that paved the roads, tall buildings that reached above even the highest stone tower, bridges that used metal ropes to hold themselves up. All manor of strange and mysterious vehicles, such as boats without sails. She had seen military checkpoints too, not hard to spot them, given that they always had the strange crossbow like weapons that fired rapidly and only used inch long metal bolts. That and the dead humans in uniforms. Apparently the fools had attempted to actually resist the hordes, whatever magic they knew proving useless against the creatures they faced.

    The last sentence of Pendragon struck Rowen on an odd note, and she hoped that he had no such delusions about her own reasons for being here. Rowen ignored the Templar leader after Pendragon seemingly dismissed them, she wasn't bound to him and had no intent in listening to them, rather she left the room intending to reclaim her weapons and armor, ignoring the two soldiers who attempted to coral her towards the courtyard. Poor men had no idea who they were dealing with though, and in an instant Rowen had darted off at speed they couldn't hope to match, smoothly transitioning to a walk once away from them.

    Once she had reclaimed her weapons and armor Rowen stored her armor in the room she had been given. Safer to keep it there where she could get to it. The sword now on her hip, with her spear and shield held on her back by leather slings and the hood of her cloak raised, Rowen made her way to the courtyard, just in time to hear the Dhampir call her a "vamp bitch" while she passed by him. "Mind who you call names, half breed." Was her simple response to the creature as she passed by, intentionally making her way to the other side of the courtyard before turning around to see if he'd be stupid enough to try something. Her hand gripped the hilt of her sword, just in case.

    The one thing that irked Rowen was that she'd failed to find out much of anything new about her mission though. Her issue lay in that she hadn't been early enough to be considered present in the meeting. She figured she'd have to catch up with Pendragon on the details later though. In the meantime she'd see a demonstration of these new weapons, a matter that interested her greatly since the dart that seemed to somehow be enchanted put her to sleep. She'd spotted the same thing being used on the giant man in the main room, so it was a matter that made her curious for certain.
  13. heretic, mutants, xenos...yep about half is right.


  15. Listen to my story.


    It's late afternoon, almost night. The sun is setting over an orange horizon. Because it's so late, a mother prepares her two young children for bed. She has the little ones each eat a snack before bathing them, dressing them in their PJs, and tucking them into their warm beds. She kisses each child on the head and checks in their closets to make sure that there are no monsters around. Before she turns to leave the room after telling them goodnight, they beg her to stay and tell them a bedtime story. Reluctantly, she agrees. She takes a book off a shelf in the childrens' room and sits on the end of one of their beds to begin reading it. The book she reads is their favorite story: Peter Pan. A tale of a boy who never grew up and his nemesis Captain Hook.


    Somewhere in the multiverse, this tale was true. But what most people don't know is that this tale wasn't the only one involving the infamous one-handed captain. Yes, there was another version of this man in existence, a pirate who went by the name of Killian Jones, who came from a land far, far away.

    Not a villain nor a hero, but a humble pirate was how Killian Jones saw himself. He was a ladies man, fun loving, rotten to the core hooligan as most pirates were. Until he lost his hand, at least.

    From the moment he lost his hand, along with the love of his life, Captain Hook became a revenge driven soul. All he longed for was to find the evil crocodile who killed his lover, to strike down this man and make him suffer the way he had.

    And he had finally found a way. At last, he would soon have his revenge. Together, with aid from Cora, a woman of magic, he had a way to leave the Enchanted Forest and locate the man he sought.

    Nevertheless, their trip to the foreign world wouldn't be without struggle. They ended up threatened by Snow White and her comrade, a pretty, blonde distraction, and were unable to escape through Cora's magical portal in time.

    Not that it mattered.

    Killian Jones always had another trick or two up his sleeve.

    After the group had vanished into the portal, Killian approached his partner in crime, somewhat amused by their failure to escape. Cora, however, wasn't so amused.

    "We failed," she stated flatly, her eyes reflecting a mild frustration.

    "Really, Cora?" Killian questioned, his tone somewhat playful. "After all this time, why do you still doubt me?"


    The pirate held up a charm, dangling it in front of his face. The charm was no ordinary charm, however, but instead a magical bean--one capable of creating portals between worlds. Even after seeing this bean, however, Cora still appeared doubtful. "That bean's petrified; it's useless."

    Of course, Killian was aware of that, but Cora was forgetting one thing. They were standing in front of a magical lake, a lake with the power to not only break curses, but restore magical items to their former glory.

    “But these waters have regenerative properties," the captain reminded her. "Perhaps it’s time to do some gardening.”

    Clenching the bean in his fist for a moment, Hook tossed into the lake's waters afterwards. It wasn't long after when another magical portal would open, paving their way to the new land.

    "Shall we?" he questioned Cora before taking her hand and moving to jump into the portal with her.

    Killian would awaken sometime later, ​
  16. -1) A Headdliner
    1) A Cimmerian
    2) A Splinter Cell
    3) The Yuuzhan Vong Warmaster
    4) A Mechanist
    5) A McNinja

  17. Awww :33 Oniisama, don't be so snappy xD It was just a question xD

    I obviously want to be Card Captor Sakura, but am already, so BAH something else~

    Syaoran from Tsubasa Chronicles > a.k.a Tsubasa Li <3 I want to run around and fight creatures with Hein :D and make people awe when my sword bursts into flames. xD