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  1. Hello, fellow role-players! My name is Invader Len, you can call me Len, or Lenny, or Supreme Overlord, though Len is just fine. And I am here today to talk to you about the Avengers Initiative... Which bears no resemblance to the one with the Hulk and Tony Stark... Or does any avenging or superhero work of any sort... And really does lack any sort of initiative. Yeah, my agent dropped the ball on that problem. He's fired now.

    Anywho, you aren't here to listen to me babble, or rather, you are, but hopefully with the intention of babbling along with me, like a pair of happy idiots. So, without further ado, my biography.

    1. In prowess of prose I would prefer, possibly posthumously, to be perceived as Prestige and proud. Alas, my alliteration abilities are agonizingly absent, and so I abdicate as Archduke, and assume an alias as Adept.
    2. I live on the West coast of the continental United States, meaning my timezone is PST. My first language is English, but I stumble so much over my own tongue I may was well be speaking Finnish. (No offense to any Finns present, you beautiful frozen freaks)
    3. I have been roleplaying and writing for over five years now, maybe even longer, if you consider the poorly written fan fiction of an emotionally unstable thirteen year old to be literature, and not tinder for virtual campfires. However, with my numerous embarrassing failures behind me, I can safely, perhaps even boisterously say, that I can now consider myself to be a quite capable writer, able to play both genders, go from 3-12 paragraphs without more than 2-3 sentences of filler, and I can sing the Swedish National Anthem upside-down in Danish while drunk... Which mostly just means in Danish.
    My deepest thanks to my mother, and to my high school edition of Thesaurus, for making my biography possible. It's a work in progress, but if you have managed to come this far without tearing out your optic nerves and knitting Christmas stockings with them, then I must be doing something right. Or, rather, something not wrong.

    Now, in addition to expectations you may have of me, I must now list those that I expect of you. In a different format, because frankly that numbered list was confusing and I did not like it one bit.

    1) Birds of a feather flock together and lizards go to the same color because they're racist little reptiles. Point being, I do expect anyone who expresses an interest to be at least an Intermediate writer. I won't bite anyone's head off for misspellings, however, when it comes to the quality of you writing I expect it to at least be on par with a fedora-touting Redditor with too much time on their hands.

    2) That being said, I do not want to be the only one in control of this story. You need two people to sail a ship, as evidenced in the possibly-not-completely-historically-correct Disney film Pirates of the Caribbean, but by now, I hope you get my drift. If you have ideas, plots, twists, and turns, say something! Send telegrams, smoke signals, cave paintings or corprolites, I don't care, just please, contribute.

    3) As you may have deduced thus far, I adore chitchat. Words are wonderful, they can make an eighteen year old high school drop out sound like a professor at Oxford (you can tell I have something of an ego), and that is why I love to exchange them. I love OOC chat, it is the lifeblood on an RP, it turns an empty thread into a breathing catalyst for friendship. And really, everyone can use more friends. Especially me. Please love me.

    4) If you are reading, or intend to read, my resume, you may notice I have the libertine section filled out. Disregard that, I don't intend to use any of it here. I'm more of a fade-to-black kind of person in all honesty, and while I love romance, I love plot more. It's like watching an Indiana Jones movie, you still want Jones to get the girl, but you also want him to beat up Nazi's and save ancient treasures. Which he does in all three movies, pretty much. Yes, that's right, there were only three movies. Only three...

    Well, now, with that all done, on to the fun stuff! I am an anime lover, but I dislike fandoms. Really, I do. I cannot do anything that has the cannon characters. I love the universes, but I hate playing the characters, mostly because I know I would butcher them by using common sense, which we all know TV personalities lack. Only OOC characters would be allowed, with cannon characters mentioned only as a passing breath, if at all.


    Sci-fi, historical, fantasy, magical/superhero, post-apocalyptic, and modern day slice-of-life are all fun to me! I love bringing light to darker disaster or horror genres, and casting realism with happier, sillier fantasy ones.

    Sci-fi: Space. That's all I have to say, I love space. I love the Exodus story lines of humanity's last hope in the stars, or life coming down from the great beyond. There are infinite possibilities in the universe, and we can go as far into it as we please.

    Historical: Now, when I say Historical, I usually mean one of two things, sometimes both. Time travel, and Collecting. Time travel arcs are easy, X is sent back to Y land and meets Z, they go any try to return X to own time, blah blah blah. Fun, but predictable. Collecting arcs are harder to work, but more rewarding. Essentially, something like the Librarians, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer if she was a compulsive hoarder. These arcs focus less on the historical periods themselves, and rather the surviving artifacts and the mysteries surrounding them. The Eye of Ra. The Sword of King Arthur. The Holy Grail. These stories can either take place any time after 1870, or work hand in hand with time travel. The point being, is that it's a morally ambiguous collector's job, with others out there after the artifacts, and you can always spring a twist of "Oh, we were working for the bad guys all along", which is always funny.

    Fantasy: Fantasy settings are great, and I will tell you why. The diversity is amazing, and not simply because it is almost limitless. Unlike with Sci-Fi, which gives you no rules, no boundaries, no limits, Fantasy settings usually operate within a strict set of rules. Vampires burst into flame in the sunlight, mermaids drown sailors, orcs are brutish thugs, and somebody is always running around resurrecting the undead. The great thing about these rules is that they give you structure for an RP, hell, you could base an RP simply on how those rules got there, or breaking them in open defiance, because you are a petty little anarchist with no respect for authority!

    Magical/Superhero: We've all dreamed about getting superpowers, right? Maybe somebody wanted to be superman, and run around saving the day from muggers and villains and poor people. Or, maybe you wanted to be a magical anime girl, and dance in a pastel-colored frilly outfit to defeat extraterrestrial monsters in the name of love. Or maybe you were like me, and be the villain, because villains are cool and get stuff done. Whatever the case, there is no denying that everybody wants to be a little bit super. Even if it's just to move the remote on the couch a little closer.

    Post-apocalyptic: Now, most of you may be thinking zombies. However, my tastes for the apocalypse are a little less about raising the dead, and more about nuclear holocausts. And I love the idea of the outsider, new to the world, and stunned by how it has changed. Maybe you were cryogenically frozen in a time capsule and woke up 300 years in the future. Maybe you were in deep sleep in outer space, and returned to find your home destroyed. Or maybe you were from the present, and through a mishap of time and space, found yourself in this time, leaving you to wonder, where, when, and why did the folly of man lead to this? In the end, the story is a lesson, about missed opportunities, letting our compassion overcome our anger, and not losing our humanity even in the face of extinction. And twinkies, because of course they're still around.

    Slice of Life: Somedays, after all the crime-fighting, zombie-slaying, space flight and time travel filled mayhem of the era, you just need to take a step back and play about something normal. Normal people overcoming normal challenges, friends and family, life and death, love and pain. And video games.

    Well, that's all I have to say, for the moment. If you have any interest, ideas, or plots, send me a PM!
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  2. I'd love to rp with you? Do you have any plots in mind?
  3. I'm really interested in that post-apocalyptic plot if someone hasn't snagged it already! If they have, then I'm a sucker for Slice of Life and would be interested in that as well.
  4. I'm intrigued by your historical and fantasy ideas! I'd love to talk plots and see if we would work well together, so if you're not full with other RP's pm me.
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