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  1. Kimberly looked out her office window, sipping a coffee. Last public skate of the day had ended a few minutes ago, the only lesson scheduled was the one for the Frost Sirens, and the letters explaining what to bring for practice had already been sent to the four volunteers. They were supposed to bring skates, practice outfits, and warm-up clothes, but to be honest, Kimberly felt she had her work cut out for her. Two former hockey players, probably wouldn't have the right skates, and a former wrestler, probably wouldn't have skates at all. Not to mention the odd one out: a girl who could skate, but not on the level of the hockey players. It was possible she had skates of her own, but Kimberly wouldn't hinge any bets on it.

    Past that, Kimberly needed to get measurements taken for each girl, and also get opinions on dress design. That would take a backseat, though, to getting them all fitted for figure skates so they wouldn't have to use poorly-fitting rental skates for practice. Kimberly sighed and took another sip of her coffee, looking out at the snowy landscape that was the ice rink's parking lot. This was going to be a long autumn and winter.
  2. Francine Satomi-Jackson hummed a little tune to herself as she trudged through the snow, thick boots making a satisfying crunch as she wandered down the wintery streets. One could only just see the at-ease smile she sported past the high collar of her ridiculous looking puffy jacket, the girl seemingly at ease despite the chill wind that blew across her exposed head. If the fact her red hair was blowing like a banner on a flag pole (occasionally whipping around to slap right into her face) bothered her in the slightest, she didn’t show it. Indeed, for all intents and purposes, she was in a remarkably good mood. Considering she was currently walking towards the town’s ice rink this wasn’t exactly surprising, though the reasoning for her elated mood wasn’t her usual one. Rather than looking forward to a solid match of racing to and fro down an icy pitch, blocking flying pucks with her stick and human bodies with her own, she was looking forward to singing.

    Even the thought of it made her let out a giddy laugh. Francine could hardly believe she had been accepted: she had gone through the whole signing up process, the interview, everything with the mindset that she wasn’t really the kind of gal they were looking for. She had been truthful when she said the entire idea they were proposing had intrigued her, but had assumed her lack of experience would have shunted her right off of any chance of success. And yet, here she was, already zeroing in on the ice rink with a spring in her step, her backpack jostling with each strut she made.

    True, there had been rumours that the group behind this idea had been desperate for any and all volunteers, and it was possible she had just been accepted by default, but still.

    Soon, her destination was in sight, and she picked up the pace. While she was hardly late, she needed to expend some of this extra energy before she appeared too excitable to her…coach? Francine frowned slightly as she ran. Would she be reporting to a coach or a manger? A coach AND a manager? Maybe a person who filled both positions?

    Francine shook her head, while allowing her body to come to natural stop as she approached the squat building’s front doors. She was sure they’d tell her everything she needed to know; all she needed to do was try her very best, and she couldn’t go far wrong.

    Letting out a sigh of relief as she pushed inside, Francine took a second to let the sweet relief of indoor air conditioning sweep the cold off of her body. After soaking in what felt like the appropriate level of warmth, she finally set about actually signing in at reception, still humming her jaunty tune to herself. The guy on reception had barely finished giving her directions to the office she needed to be in before she was skipping off. Today was going great: she was well ahead of time, her confidence was at maximum, and all she needed to do was knock the socks of her Coach and/or manager and everything would be…peachy….

    Francine stopped.

    She stood at an intersection of grey, uniform corridors. Each direction leading to, from where she stood, a pretty identical set of corridors.

    …The guy had said to take a left, and keep heading straight, right? Or had it been a left, another left, and then straight? In fact, didn’t she take a right to get here? How did that factor in?

    Francine, without thinking or noticing it, raised a hand up to her mouth and began nibbling the flesh of her thumb. Her eyes darted left and right, trying to create a mental map of the place but failing miserably.

    …This could take a minute…
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  3. Chinami Akita was wrapped like a fluffy snowman, with a gray scarf, and her alpaca boots.
    Her hair was tied in a ponytail on the side of her head, and the star pin, was pinned on the pony-tail.
    Chinami's coat had a Sakura leaf pattern imprinted on it, while she was wearing dark blue jeans.
    Her light blue eyes seemed to shimmer in excitement as she walked towards the ice arena.
    On the way here, her brother was following her, lecturing how this would be her downfall.
    Especially since idols and the like were always being in the news over a scandal. The newly bought skates,
    of course they were a white with the tips being lavender, her mother told her that that if she were to get extra practice,
    she wouldn't need to buy new ones. Although before this point it wasn't like she was twirling like a super
    advanced ice skater.

    "Arashi could you please shut up for once? I'll be fine! It's not like I'm old like you!"

    "That'd work if you weren't my twin y'know."

    "W-W-Well I'm sorry!"

    "Sheesh, you're an idiot. Just go."
    Arashi waved her off as he turned and scratched his dark black hair, straightening his thick coat.

    Now she was here as she hesitated going over all the catastrophes that could happen,

    "They could hate me, they could kick me out, they could realize that I'm an clumsy idiot...."
    This went on for a bit, as she finally started going over why they accepted her,
    "They accepted you because you fit their requirements. Calm down count to ten.. You'll be fine.. Relax..."
    She told herself that she had great singing talents but still hesitated to open the doors.
    After a few minutes of people pointing at the abnormally petite lady, she opened the door, the wave of air blowing in her face as she smiled. She loved the smell of the ice arena, especially since she rarely came here- up to this point.
    She laughed, she was thankful only so many people wanted to be apart of this, especially since from a small town, you could rise to stardom.

    She made a mental note to rehearse over her math notes, she despised math. Was that so wrong?
    She walked up to the man and asked for directions as he stared down at her, he was extremely intimidating, she made a mental note to memorize the route. She was twiddling her fingers, her skates set to a side, as he shrugged, going back to being careless.
    He briefly went over the directions in his monotone voice,

    "Th-Th-Thank you sir!"

    As she left, he muttered under his voice,
    "The Hollywood industry is doomed if idols are like that."

    She shrugged the statement off, she knew she could do this, right?
    She continued to walk, her skates bumping her sides as she walked, her light blue sky bag over her overly puffed up jacket. Her mom had gone on a frenzy looking for the things, even though Chinami could already drive, her mother was extremely over protective and wanted to make sure Chinami was safe.
    Chinami looked around as she noticed a rugged, red haired lady looking around, with a frantic and confused look on her face. Chinami noticed that the ladies attire wasn't exactly idol proof and assumed that this lady was just lost.
    S-She didn't want to be rude though! Maybe she was, she'd have to ask. She walked up to the red haired woman as the woman just kept walking, looking more confused second by second.

    "E-Excuse me!"

    Her voice was a bit on the quiet side, even though when she sang she was practically glowing,
    day to day conversations were getting harder every moment. Chinami just hoped this lady heard her,
    "A-Are you here for the idol skating rehearsal?"
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  4. Dana wasn't entirely sure what originally compelled her to sign up for this idol group. She had begun to assume that it might have been curiosity, a sort of 'on-the-whim' sort of deal, but her original reasoning behind the act was far gone, out the window. Not that she cared much. She didn't dislike the idea of being on a idol team, though the strangers joining her may be annoying, but she usually didn't do things like this.

    The hockey team was a whole separate sort of deal. She had gone for a sport that would show that she did something extracurricular, so colleges would be interested. Then, she got invested, and in turn got more involved. Which, of course, wasn't a bad thing. Actually, it was quite nice to have something to spend her time on. As all good things did, that eventually came to an end. That end was another beginning, though cheesy it might sound.

    The beginning of being an idol. How intriguing. She, the girl with the death stare, going to do idol work. Dancing and singing, though the later might be forced upon her, were not things she usually did. She played hockey. She directed plays. She drew. That was about as far as her talents went, if she were to be completely honest.

    The acceptance of her into the group was a miracle in itself. She wasn't really expecting it. She really thought she'd be declined. When she gets into things, though, she gets in, and she will do it right. Which is why she had spent and AGGRAVATINGLY long time researching what types of skaters figure skaters used and other such things. She had gotten a pair, and even then, she wasn't sure if they were right. She was more just hoping at this point. Who knew, really, maybe she got it right.

    She still didn't know how she'd manage, even with the extensive amount of research she did. Skating wasn't just about research. It was still. You had to be cut out for it. She was cut out for the type that was rough, more strategic, more INVOLVED with other people. In the sense of hitting into them, at least. This was different. This was much more delicate, aerodynamic, particular. She could easily fuck this up.

    More than easily. But, she was still here, walking the halls with her bag slung over her shoulder. She had gotten directions and was on her way to the practice now. She wasn't worried or nervous, and felt she would do fine, but the place felt a little threatening. Only a little. It may have been the color scheme, but she didn't know. She'd get over it eventually, though. Once practice STARTED, she could focus on that, and everything would be fine.
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  5. Yukino walked with a relaxed pace approaching the building where the very first and probably also the later practice sessions for Frost Sirens would be held. She wondered what kind of people would be her idol mates. As she entered the building, she immediately went to the receptionist and asked for directions. With his monotonous voice and obvious hints of disinterest, he briefly gave the directions.

    "Well thank you handsome."

    Yukino left and follow the direction given. Walking through the hallway, Yukino took off her black beanie from her head and her red scarf that covers her neck. While she wonder if the skate that she brought would be okay to use or not, as she bought a black figure skate. While on her way... She saw a girl, visibly younger than her following the same direction as herself. With that, she quickly catch up to the girl and talk with her.

    "Heya, you're in the idol skating as well?" Was the words that opened the conversation. As the girl replies or ignore. Yukino would continue. "I'm Yukino Futaba, also in this Frost Sirens idol skating thing as well, and you are?"
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  6. "E-Excuse me!"

    Francine startled in place, gritting her teeth in shock – and inadvertently biting down on her thumb. Biting back a curse, Francine shook her sore thumb around as she turned, blinking when she took in the sight of a girl some inches shorter than her.

    "A-Are you here for the idol skating rehearsal?"

    Francine startled in place, gritting her teeth in shock – and inadvertently biting down on her thumb. Biting back a curse, Francine shook her sore thumb around as she turned, blinking when she took in the sight of a cute girl some inches shorter than her.

    “Ha ha, what gave it away?” Francine, partly in an effort to recover from her thumb-related faux pas, ran a hand though her unkempt hair, giving what she hopped was a charismatic wink. “Was it my charming good looks?”

    …Thinking about it, what had given it away? This girl wasn’t dressed as an employee, so she couldn’t have known from that guy on reception, and Francine wasn’t wearing any kind of identification. Then again, Francine was wandering around the building with a pair of ice skates after the rink was closed to the public, so that was probably evidence enough. Unless…

    “Oh!” Francine snapped out of her pose, an eager grin filling her expression. “You’re here for the rehearsals too, right?”

    It made sense: the girl had come from the direction of the reception (maybe? Francine was still kind of lost), and at this time of day only those who were involved with the idol rehearsals would be allowed through. Considering how young she looked, Francine could definitely see the girl being idol material.

    “Hey, this means we’re gonna be teammates from now on, right?” Francine stuck a hand out with a smile. “Name’s Francine, but you can just call me Fran. You, uh, wouldn’t happen to have a map of the building, would you?”
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  7. As Chinami asked the question, the red head the question the woman replied,
    “Ha ha, what gave it away?” At this point, the woman ran her fingers through her hair,

    “Was it my charming good looks?”
    Chinami blinked, this woman wasn't that 'beautiful'. Not that she was ugly or anything, but she didn't really look like the women in the commercials. Chinami took a deep breath, normal people Chinami, normal...
    "I um-"

    “Oh!” The woman now smiled at her, looking especially perky, Chinami didn't know if the woman had a huge ego or anything as she decided to stay quiet and just observe.
    “You’re here for the rehearsals too, right?”
    Well so much for observing. Chinami slowly nodded as the talkative woman carried on,

    “Hey, this means we’re gonna be teammates from now on, right?” Francine stuck a hand out with a smile. “Name’s Francine, but you can just call me Fran. You, uh, wouldn’t happen to have a map of the building, would you?”
    Chinami was quite taken aback, this was normal human behavior, right?
    Or was she just being paranoid again? Chinami had jumped and blinked at the out stretched hand.
    She shook it right? Chinami hesitantly shook Fran's hand slowly as she stepped back and
    smiled, her smile was twitching but this was just out of pure nervousness.

    "M-My name is A-Akita, Ch-Ch-Chinami. F-First name is Chinami, it's a p-pleasure to meet you."
    Was that normal? Chinami fidgeted and twiddled her fingers.

    "I don't h-have a map, but I do know the w-way around.... Why could you be l-lost?"
    This woman was older, but then again everyone had their perks.
    When Chinami sang, it wasn't like she stuttered it was just day to day conversations like this that made her nervous. At the worst time possible, another woman approached.

    "Heya, you're in the idol skating as well? I'm Yukino Futaba, also in this Frost Sirens idol skating thing as well, and you are?"
    Chinami nimbly turned around as her eyes widened in surprise.

    "S-Sorry! I-I um. I'm A-Akita, Chinami. So um... I think we have some time to pass,
    so why exactly did you g-g-girls join...?"
  8. Kimberly picked up the phone on her desk and dialed in the number for the intercom. She'd waited long enough, and now it was time to put the new Frost Sirens on the ice. "All girls here for the Frost Sirens practice please report to the ice immediately," she said once she'd put the phone to her ear. "Again, all girls here for the Frost Sirens practice please report to the ice immediately." With that said, she put the receiver down and headed out to the ice herself. It was a weird instance of architecture that her office was right next to the rink proper while still having an outside view. Still, she'd never complained. It allowed her to teach skaters effectively and also acted as a makeshift warming booth when her skaters got too cold (which had happened more times than Kimberly liked to admit).
  9. Francine blinked, eyes snapping onto the loud speaker that hung above the small group. It sounded like it was time to strut their stuff, as the saying goes. Francine couldn’t help but let an excited grin slip onto her features as she started to feel the telltale feeling of butterflies in her stomach. It was the same feeling she got just before a match: the perfect cocktail of nerves and adrenaline were blazing through her veins, and she wouldn’t trade the feeling for anything in the world.

    “Welp, looks like we’ll have to save story time until later,” Francine shot Chinami a confident wink. “We all make it through initiations, and we can trade tragic back stories over some drinks, my treat. For now, let’s put our best damn foot forward!”

    Thus saying with an enthusiastic fist pump, Francine about faced and stormed off into the building – for about ten steps.

    Rather sheepishly turning back around, the red head was scratching the back of her neck as she re-approached the two other girls.

    “Actually, why don’t you two lead the way? I’ll, err, follow you.”
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