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Welcome! You've Been Accepted to Idol Academy!

Idol Academy, officially known as Bōkaru geijutsu wa kōkō but often shortened by it's students to KaruKo, is a prestigious all-girls academy that has just started accepting boys this year on a trial basis. In this academy, as you would expect, young girls (and now boys) are trained to be idols. The competition is rough and every year people are sent home to find another school. At least half of the freshmen class is cut each year, a fourth of the sophomore and junior classes while the senior class is safe from any elimination.

The core curriculum is singing and dancing, there are very different and specialized classes depending on what type of idol career you are going to enter. Despite this, the academic courses are to the level of a prep school. Every week, on Friday's there are rankings given based on popularity, idol ability and academics. This is part of the driving plot point of the play as these rankings change your school experience vastly. People who consistently make top ten rankings get treated like queens and kings and get more chances to perform different places. They also get bigger dorm rooms and can easily get put in line first to use studios for practice time.

Another key aspect is clubs. The school allows students to freely make clubs, but these aren't ordinary clubs. The basis of these clubs is to form idol groups (think of idol groups like AKB48, Nogisaki46 and Girl's Day). They often perform together and are treated as a collective so are often put in the same singing/dancing classes.

On the aspect of performing as an idol, there is an idol request board in front of the library. You can sign up for opportunities and who was accepted for what opportunities are announced via intercom. Based on a contract you can not perform as an idol without the school's permission. Breaking this rule has variable punishments. The usual punishment is detention.
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